Monday, March 3, 2008

My Style, Bingo, and Creative Team Layouts

What an awesome weekend. Lots of time with the family. And lots of time at home. I just wanted to stop in real quick and remind you of a few things and show you a couple awesome layouts from the Creative Team. Also, I have taken all the wonderful shares people have sent me and started a "My Style" page to show off everyones great work. If you have sent me a file and it isn't up yet it will be soon. I am converting a lot of files for web viewing and posting on the My Style page of Visual Designs by Chris. So check it out and maybe your up already or coming soon. THANK YOU to everyone for sharing all your hard work with me. IT IS AWESOME!! I can't say Thank you enough..

Bingo.. Michelle is running Bingo at Paperthreads this month.

And seriously I couldn't list all the prizes Michelle is offering because it is the stores third anniversary.

So you should just visit this page to see them all listed out. yowser!

Wish I could play..

Here is the thread to sign up

Also, within this thread we are postings Cruiser sightings. Those Cruising people that are supposed to be relaxing, but just cannnnnot keep away. Well we started tracking their appearances in the Bingo thread. It is alot of fun to catch the Cruisers checkin in!!!

I sent out a new password to the group and am working on some files to offer. The QMC members won't have to worry about this password. However, they will have to worry about missing next quarter. This is the last month in the first quarter. If you would like to reup so you don't miss anything. Here is the next quarters store item.

Today was the last day to enter in the Challenge over at Lori's Blog. What a creative challenge. You really had to think about it.


And this is from Sussann on the design team. Mahvelous layout! Full of inspiration. My hubby is down 26 lbs now since the beginning of the year and I am down 10 so far. So we shall see how it goes. I am much slower then he is, but I have cravings. Cravings for chocolate or salt or hmm.. just cravings. So basically I am trying to take it one step at a day. This file is Workin Out with Dumbbells. Congrats to Sussann's hubby!

And this is from Rosalie. Using my goal file. I have been told Rosalie is buried in Hockey pictures. So I am trying to help her out with some inspirational files!

And this from Vicki. One of the Curly Borders and Accents.Vicki always does great work.

Have a wonderful afternoon and evening!



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