Friday, March 28, 2008

Gymnastics, Yard Sale, ramble ramble ramble..

We went to gymnastics today. It was alota fun. I love to see my little one running around and trying out all the different things. Balance Beam, Trampoline, Foam Pit, all of those... except we have a weird phenomenon in our little household. My son has decided to talk in third person. To refer to himself by name instead of with I or me. It is interesting, but he did it in the middle of soccer practice and at the gym this morning. The other parents look at me like I have some tumor growing out of my head. I smile and say. Oh yes this is our new thing have any idea on how to break it? They all shake their heads and smile and walk away. yeah I am not one of those Mom's who sits there and chats during gym. I am standing next to the foam pit getting the rope for the next kid. Jumping up and down on the spring boards (Definitely sports bra time. Does anyone have a suggestion of a good brand because this one is shot) And of course my secret pleasure the trampoline! My little one will sit on one end and I will bounce around him and shoot him off the trampoline. he can't stay seated. he giggles and giggles. It is lots and lots of fun. What a great way to get ready for the weekend.

My weekend will be fun I hope. I have plans to visit a Scrapbook store in Phoenix that is having a yard sale on Saturday night. It is not far from my brother's house and so I think I shall drop off my guys and then head over there to check it out. They are open 'til 9 pm. Lucky for me. Scrapbooks Etc. in Mesa. My hubby thought it was crazy they were open til 9. I thought it was wonderful. And he said in his most wonderful husband voice. Do you want to just drop us off at your brothers or do you want us to come with? Will it rush you? because if it does you can just drop us off. I SOOO LOVE THIS MAN. He goes to craft fairs with me and hits the antique shops, can change the oil in my truck. looks great on a horse. and builds things like you have never seen. Phenomenal. that is all I have to say. So to not put him in any misery I will be heading to the "Yard Sale" myself. Hopefully it will be fun. I haven't been to one. Wish me luck!

Well I am holding back on files so I have lots to add to the next quarter membership. So this is why you are getting lots of my rambling rambling going on. And I have been working on my craft room. Three trash bags of stuff out. two stops at goodwill. My craft room seems to be the catchall. Well the stuff is moving out!




Theresa said...

When I worked at Foot Locker many years ago, the best sports bra was a Champion Jogbra number...not the regular compression deal that you pull over your head, but one that had a strong closure in the back, wide shoulder straps and seaming in the cup area so as not to give the 'uniboob' appearance while still providing maximum motion control. Don't know if they still make it, but if you find one, I highly recommend it.
Good for you getting into the spirit of things at gymnastics!

Faith said...

Well Chris, I LOVE you rambling on.... Looking forward to Aprils membership.... yea,

Faith said...

Well Chris, I LOVE you rambling on.... Looking forward to Aprils membership.... yea,

Isabelle said...

Hope you had fun at the yard sale!

I tried to send you an e-mail a couple of times this weekend and it always comes back. I was wondering if there was a problem with your mailbox?

My e-mail addy is