Monday, March 24, 2008

The Weekend and Pay It Forward

Well how was your weekend? My Easter was very nice. My son decorated eggs for the first time. Yes the last few years I have skipped the tradition kinda. My sister-in-law was excited to get to do it. So we dipped and dyed 11 eggs because egg number 12 met with an unfortunate and tragic accident. Then hid them the next morning for the egg hunt. Got to spend some times with my brother and his wife before the luncheon festivities. It was wonderful. very nice dinner and great conversation. We had a wonderful time and made it home on Sunday evening with a little time before dark or next week chores for me to start on the great purge in my craft room. I took the first load to goodwill this morning. My craft room seems to be the dumping ground for alot of things. So I am getting the craft room cleaned out and then I will move on to the storage shed. for that one I might as well back the truck right up to the door. I am not even sure what is in their anymore. I didn't get anytime to create files this weekend, but my hubby was probably relieved I left the computer at home and didn't worry about checking email. So for all those who did send me notes.. I am getting to them one by one. My apologies for being slow. Mon-Weds are also my office days and today was a long one. Usually I head home to work on cutter files in the afternoons but today I had some reporting and paperwork to do. Yucko! But it's done. So I feel accomplished and my hubby and I got to bat around some ideas for business and of course we came up with a few new ideas. We are like this .... lots of ideas for business and possibilities. It is fun and energizing for us. One idea will just steam roll. Okay I am rambling.

So taking it literallly.... My little one and his uncle and my hubby are "playing" indoor football on a patch of carpet my brother and his wife just purchased. It is rather large patch of carpet but either way it was the "field" for this man vs man vs child game. Which my bambino did a good job of trying to throw everyone down so he would win. But the cutest moment. My brother says... You are the quarterback. So my son says okay. And he puts his hand in his pocket, pulls it out empty but holding something imaginery. My hubby says... What's that?? He says.. It's my quarter and you can have it back. Silence. and then giggling had completely by all the men in the room. and my little boy grabbed the ball and ran it in for a touch down while everyone kept giggling. He is pretty smart after all as he did his touchdown dance! Love the moment. Love the life.


PS>>>> Pay it forward>>> I visited Heather's blog the other day. She offered an album for the first to post if they offered a pay it forward reward. I was first. total shockeroo. I never get to those things first. and I did wooohooo... So my Pay It Forward is the first person to post in the comments here I will give them my next Three files I upload to the store. I don't know what they will be or how they will work. But I'll email them to you. The only criteria.... you have to post your blog address in the comment here and you have to post a Pay It Forward on your blog to redeem the files. woohoo! I like this and might consider running it more often. Heather's Pay It Forward was some stamped images and the cutestttt little album. you should head over and check it out . I am super excited about the stamped images. I just cannot find any I like yet as much as I like the ones Heather comes up with. She definitely has a knack for picking the right stamp. Can't wait to see who posts and what their PIF is... and Enjoy!!!


Faith said...

Hi, It's me Faith. I don't have a blog to post a pay it forward... but I wanted to say hi.... I miss the picture of you and your hubby on your blog. Make it a great week everyone!!!

sussann said...

What a neat idea! I love the idea of Pay it Forward! My blog is

Love the Quarter Back story. Too cute!

Alicia P. said...

I know I'm not first, but have to add that this is a way cool idea!

Alicia P.

Alicia P. said...

oops... forgot my blog address...

kris said...

Wow what a great idea! Feel free to visit my blog and vote in my "Name this Picture" challenge!

Heather said...

Hey Chris glad you got the album!! Thanks for paying it forward with me!! If you need any more images just let me know I'd be happy to send you some. :)