Friday, March 7, 2008

It's Finally Friday!!
Got my Motor running for a wild weekend!!!

Really not a wild weekend but an eventful. I am working on some files and will have another download next week so if your looking for that. It will be next week. Right now I am trying to find something to wear tonight when we go out and on Saturday for a wedding. It will be a casual wedding, but still want to look our best. The ceremony will be a "ten minute one" I was told. It doesn't matter. We are excited for the couple.

So today I am running the washing machine like a mad woman so I won't have to do any this weekend. Saturday we are booked all day from head to toe, but Sunday as it stands right now we have one potential engagement. Potential meaning will the need to watch Nascar, work on cutter files, spend time at home with just us three outway the potential of the engagement. Hmm we shall see.
I am researching the offerings of SVG or SCAL for the Cricut software. So hopefully I will be adding that to my repetoire of files. I looked into offering .eps files, but have been reassured over and over that the .ai files and .eps files are interchangeable for the mac users. So if you have anything to add to my internal SVG/SCAL debate, please email me and let me know.
My little one is going to see his Aunt and Uncle this evening. he is super excited. He hasn't been to their house a whole lot since the little baby girl came along and he is non to thrilled about the encroachment of his space. He even said we should have a baby girl (WE MEANING ME..::Rolling Eyes::) but then he followed up the suggestion with and the baby can live at Aunt Nannneeees house. My sisters name is Nancy but she has been forever tagged as Aunt Nanneeeesss. So we can have a baby and let it live with my sister. Oh I can see the pleasure in my sisters face when I tell her that situation :-) ha. She is probably reading this rolling her eyes right back at me. My Bambino likes to consider babies and other children, but is so happy to have our full attention. I am excited because he won't have our full attention tonight because we are going with some friends to an evening for dinner. It will be nice to be adults for the evening. Sooo nice.

Well I better go prepare an adult hairdo instead of the Mom twist it up in a twist tie hair do. Look for another download next week. And what do you think of the blog? it is coming around. Learning curve in full force to get it configured, but I am happy with the way it is shaping up.

Have a wonderful weekend and

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Cindy said...

I do like the layout of your new blog. Having a wider area to read your journal is very nice.