Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Do you see it...

I have added members to the 2nd membership in the forum. I am starting to get emails asking me for the password. The password will go away on the 1st. I just wanted some time to get everyone uploaded to the section so I can start uploading files on the first. So if you see it and can't get in it will all open up on the 1st and the 1st section will disappear. Here is a picture of how it looks now.

So if you are not seeing this area, you may be one of the few that I couldn't find a forum name for you. So email me with your order number and forum name and I will look into it.


Enough business. Congratulations to Sussann for winning the pay it forward. We'll keep an eye on her blog to see what the Pay it Forward is over there. Faith did post first, but the rules did state that you had to post a blog. Soooo that means the future ones I will post that you can Pay It Forward on my blog if you don't have your own. That should be interesting and lots of fun. Thanks to Heather for the awesome idea.


Well tomorrow is Thursday and that means I am not in the office so I will be getting files together and trying to iron out some details on the files I have in the works. YEahooo!! I have had a few creative bursts the last couple days. SO I am excited about that. Tonight is soccer practice so I better run.

Have a wonderful wonderful evening and of course



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