Friday, March 14, 2008

WOOHOO!! Almost friday night

Almost Friday night for me! and I am excited. I am making a pizza. I take the Rice Crust Cheese Pizza they sell at Fry's which is gluten free and add chunks of chicken, sun dried tomatoes, and usually green chiles to it then of course extra mozarella. Why I am excited? It is not often I have this pizza and tonight my hubby has decided to have a pizza to. He is not a fan of red sauce, but I found a place for him with speciality pizzas called Magpies. It is our first endeavor. So we shall see how he likes it compared to the pizza hut version. We have a movie to watch and hang out to and I think I might pour myself a raspberry lemonade. Not something I do often either but it is Raspberry flavored because of the Bacardi Razz. It has been a long hard week and I am ready for the weekend. A Raspberry Lemonade sounds right up my ally.

A few new files are coming to the store. So I thought I'd share them with you here. The Cruise book is the one I created for the Cruisers and have been asked to upload it to the store. The Friends Word Book is also already up in the store. I love the way the letters are accented with two layers. And I love the fun font of the Friends Word book. Hopefully the others will be up some time this weekend.
The western dancing ones were wishes of my Creative Team Member Joni and so I hope she can use some of them. I, also, have a few more. I appreciate her positive input.
I also am excited today because of something called DRM. I actually can't stand DRM. do you know what it is? Digital Rights Management for those MP3s you can you buy online or the itunes you can buy online. It means that you have a certificate on your computer that Manages that MP3 file. I purchased and downloaded a few music files at different times for my MP3 player. (Yes I did MP3 instead of Itune) and it worked for a while then I realized they didn't anymore. I couldn't find the download certificates to make them function again. And so about 20 bucks out the window because the store I got them from wouldn't reup. So I am an anti music downloader. Well you wonder what my excitement might be..... Well I learned today that does not have DRM MP3s you can download them and be a good steward and responsible for following the use of the TOUs. THank you Thank you for someone treating me like an adult. So I will be hotfooting it over to Amazon to check it out and if it honestly is as true as the three articles I have read about it. I will be adding to my MP3 collection of music. SOOOOO excited. I probably shoulda checked it out first thing, but I thought I am posting so why not share the possible good news. I, also, read Itunes does this to, but you have to select itunes plus.

Wish me luck this is the weekend I head to the next soccer mom meeting to see if I will be elevated to soccer coach status. I am hoping not. I did okay as the assistant, but I really am not that coordinated unless it comes to a computer file. Kicking that ball is obviously not my forte. You realize this when your almost 4 year old son rolls his eyes at you. And rolls them so much you think his eyes might twist the membrane in the back so he can't see anymore. And then possibly not see my atrocious soccer skills. But alas. If no one puts there hand up, I will. It is in my blood to volunteer and recently I have had to step back again from a few to many volunteer positions in order to focus on those that really need me. And of course those non-volunteer positions like clothes washer. This is not a voluntary position, however, I would love to give it up. I have had the machines running all day and I still have piles loaded up. So hopefully everything will work out.
Also, thinking this weekend I might see if I can get some fresh garden dirt and stinky amenities to add to it and plant a few seeds. It is warm enough here consistently to get those plants going. I over plant way to much. I figure the more plants the less weeds but it doesnt always work out that way. so I am going to try to keep it under control. The rest of my garden. other then the beds is in an uproar because my hubby helped me rip out all this crab grass and block to put down ground cover and new brick that is waiting for the path and some other things. When I started this garden I really had no idea how nice the trees would fill in and just be wonderful to stand in the middle of out of the heat of the sun. So glad my hubby puts up with my limited abilities to move things and hoe and helps me out regularly.
Well I am a rambling... so I am gonna sign off and find my ingredients for pizza. Have a wonderful weekend!!
PS. by the way... The 3 year old negotiator who lives in this house with us has been working in his room to pick up all the books he dumped off the shelves. I have heard negotiations of... I could do it when Daddy gets home so you can talk. (trickery this one is, he knows Greg and I like to chat for a few moments and he has to leave us be while we talk) ......My leg is hurting so I might leave a few books down because I can't bend because I would need to be good for soccer. (luckily we don't have soccer tomorrow, so I told him it wouldn't be a problem, he still couldn't come out of his room 'til they were picked up) .......the next was that he likes how the books look on the floor (hence the reason for picking them up, Mommy doesn't like them on the floor) ........That it takes to long to read them while putting them all away so he may need to do the rest tomorrow (Again my comment is you still can't come out of your room til their up whether you read them or not while putting them away) .......When I get bigger I won't have to do this because I will be bigger (AHHH yeah.. Okay back to your room til your finished) ............And the last is a crashing noise in his room which I walk back and peak in his room. He is lieing on the floor on his back with his black cape spread out around him with his eyes closed and says without opening his eyes.. "I am working to hard, I am hungry and now my hands hurt" (My response.. Keep going when your hands feel better because you still aren't coming out of your room 'til they are all up) Oh I AM a Wicked Mother. TTFN.

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