Thursday, March 6, 2008

Well this is a Terms Restricted File Download Day. Wow That is a mouth full. But the file is governed by my TOUs.

FIRST let me say. If you have hit this link and it says the link has been removed or expired. It is because the download has hit its limit.

Second if you are part of the QMC. No worries I will be uploading it there shortly and you have until the end of the month to download.

Third the password to download here was sent to the yahoo group at the beginning of the week. So look in the history messages for it, if you do not have it.

And Fourth... HERE IS THE LINK... This is a simple file, but being a Mom I am in a creative Mom mode so I have a few files I am working on. The download link includes GSD, KNK, WPC, AI and a jpg file. My understanding is the Create & Cut Software can open the AI on a Macintosh computer. I hope this is true and I have offered it up correctly.

I looked at the calendar and realized in February my blog is a year old. A Year old. hard to imagine, but awesome. So I will be offering a few files to download to celebrate in the next few days. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and just been wonderful.

So my hubby took the kiddo to soccer practice. I checked a few emails while they were gone and then slept. I am feeling 90% back on par. I really think I got sick this time from stress. It does it to you stress stress stress. So we have a full day Saturday and I have decided Sunday will be our day at home. I am really trying to stick to one day a weekend is at home with horses, us, and the list of to dos. Last weekend my hubby put an automatic waterer on my flowers on the patio. Pretty fantastic. I went out this morning looked at the two flowers I bought and they are still perky. No guilt over how I forgot to water the night before. Simply fantastic. My husband is the best!

Oh Darn.. Just realized the horses are banging their feeders. I better run and feed. To bad they don't come with automatic feeders to. hahah. I am off. Have a wonderful day and Enjoy!


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