Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Wow time just flies for me lately. Mon-Weds are just crammed days for me. I am looking forward to Thurs. Then Friday we are busy busy again. I have to head into the office an extra day and Saturday we have two soccer games and then a wedding after that and dinner. One of our dearest friends are getting married. He is like family. We are excited for him.

Lori's Challenge ended. What a super hard judging. She asked me to be one of the 4 guest judges. Look for Lori's future challenges. I know she is looking to contact suppliers and come up with some excellent prizes.

Today we have soccer practice and my hubby is coming out to pick up the little one and take him. Wooohoo! So glad. I am a little under the weather and just want to curl up and sleep. I will be glad when the weather here doesnt do such drastic changes in one day. Everyone gets sick and sick and sick. Speaking of that I better go find the soccer clothes. And sneak a few of the cadbury mini eggs. The chocolate ones with the hard shell. yum yum.

I better run.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!
I have went and paid for my second. qut. membership....
I love this idea because I was always afraid I would miss a file... thanks for al the great files..
Diane aka Grandmastoy in Kansas