Thursday, March 13, 2008

Here is the download for today! This is a terms restricted file which means by typing in the password (sent to the yahoo group a week or so ago) you are agreeing to those terms and will not share with others. Here is the link to download.

So today is Thursday wooohoo! I have a bunch of files to get completed. The download today is part of a beach wedding collection I was asked to put together. I will be sending it to the person who requested as soon as I get the whole thing converted. It may take me a while to do a request because I have a long list, but I do send them to the requestee. If I think I can load the file up in the store and won't fringe on copyright I will take on the request. So feel free to email me them.

So here are a few more shares of scrapbook pages I have been sent. I love them all.

These are from Cindy and they are phenomenal!! The top one uses one of my Playing in the leaves and leaf jumbles and if you look closely the picture on the left is framed with the cutaway piece from the jumble. Most would trash the edge and Cindy used it beautifully! The bottom one uses my Home for the Holidays file. I like thelayout with many pictures and the black and white. Thank you for sharing with us Cindy! Wonderful wonderful

This is Angie from the Creative Teams latest project. Wow! Love Angie's work. The file used of mine is the flourish in the middle (Damask Inspired 1). What a great accent. Thank you Angie. I love it.

And the ones below are from Vicki of the Creative Team. This is my Magical Moments file. And Vicki sent it to me two different ways. One with the Red stars added and one with out. It looks like fun and I can't waitttt for the first trip to Disneyland this summer with my Bambino.

Thank you to everyone for sharing. Great inspirational work.

On to life....

Yes my blog changes again. The one with the background just seems to drag. I would rather you have a easy viewing experience. Last night was our first trip to Chuckee-Cheese. My little one was thrilled. Took him a few times to get up the huge tunnel to the maze on the roof, but when he did he was soooo impressed with himself. WOOOHOO! I did it. We heard. We were chatting with the other soccer team parents and my little one ran over apparently he got confused in the maze of tubes and finally found his way out. I looked at those tubes and thought holy smokes if he froze up there, how would we get him out. Well he got himself out. We have a pretty phenomenal bambino. This weekend is our last before craziness time. We are out of town and in town and round about and then having a Pirate Birthday party for my little one. He has shown me the catalog with the pirate party items and is ready to have a bash! Should be fun.

I better run. lots of laundry and files to work on. ewww and dishes to :-)

Have a wonderful day!


PS. If you have clicked the download link and it says the link has been removed or is gone. It means the file has hit its download limit and you missed it. Look for another one next week. However, if you are part of the QMC. The file will be uploaded there til the end of the month and then the new quarter starts. EnjoY!

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Anonymous said...

Great file Chris, thanks for sharing it.. loving your blog but I agree that it was proving slow to load, this new look loads real quick.