Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some awesome awesome layouts shared with me. So I wanted to share them today.

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First from Sussann on the Creative Team.

This uses one of my new files from my Beach Collection.

What a nice layout. And its one of my new files. I have a collection of elegant beach items coming out. We are headed to the beach in July. I haven't been to the beach in years other then the lake. I am so excited!!

Then we have a file submitted from Vicki on the Creative Team. Using some more of my Love Curly Mattes/Frames & the Blank ones (there is two files in this pack for veratility). Still love the curls in this file.

Then we have Wendy of the Creative Team.

Wendy sent me these and I love all of them. I especially like the Curly Frame tipped on its side. And the Zoo Scrapbooking layouts have made me think about taking our little one to the zoo while soccer is on a break!

these two with the animals are from my Day at the zoo Super Pack

And another one of my curly frames used, but put on the side. I love it. And if Michelle from Paperthreads is stopping by she will love the Dragonfly. She has been using the Dragonfly for forever on things. For me I am not into buggies, but I like its whimsical approach here. ( I prefer 1000 lb plus animals with hooves haha)

And I have a few more from visitors who have shared and I will post them tomorrow.

On to life.. So you know every morning my hubby is here my son yells from his room. DADDY are you staying home today and we discuss the difference between Saturday and Sunday and the rest of the week. This is a regular conversation. Well today he came out and said. Can you just stay two minutes and play Legos with me? And he gave his best super cute impression with the dimples showing. I guess he figurd no more discussing lets go for bribery. I thought this was cute so I had to share. My relatives give me such a hard time about the 2 minute countdowns. We have two minutes to go, two minutes your done etc. I feel if you are being told what to do you might as well have forwarning something is gonna happen in two minutes. No complaints no arguments about it then. Just the knowledge it is happening in 2 minutes. But can I say it is miserable when it s turned on you!! IN 2 minutes MOM ahahah.
Have a wonderful rest of the day!

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