Friday, February 29, 2008

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Penguin - Who Me? Link

Make a Wish Genie Lamp

I wear mine with a bow Link Head of the Bunch Link
Seashell Jumble

Flies Spiders and Grasshoppers

Can I Keep It Link A curious Mind Link

Be Our Guest Link
Magical Moments Link

I will post more later, but these files made it into the store for the sale. So I thought I would share and I already posted Be Our Guest to the QMC.

Have a fantabulous day!

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Alright I am back...
So guess what.. Our TV died last night. My husband is beaming. He is so excited. I swear it is almost like that commercial and I have been searching the internet this morning for it to post it here... The guys wife says you can get whatever you want and You hear some song belting out "All that I want" in the background and he is calling the bank to check his availability as he sits in the chair and stairs at the LCD tvs. if you know the name of the company behind this ad. Please send it to me. I have been racking my brains big time! I wanted to send it to him today in email as well.
So Lori's blog is a little wider today. Thanks to my ability to talk her into letting me fiddle with it :-) However, I fiddled with mine yesterday and just couldnt get it together. I really want three column and have found multiple explanations about it, but I also want the columns a little wider then what I have come across. Oh well. I think I will make hubby sit with me tonight and try to figure it out. This is why if you visited my blog yesterday it had many many many faces. I think I changed it around about 7 times. and lost a bunch of widgets, but luckily had save them to another place. I have decided to not mess with it today and to work on files.
I am feeling chatty today. so I am sure I will add to this again later today! Have a wonderful Friday! Enjoy!
Okay I am back again. So the commercial is for Chase Bank and plays the "I want it all and I want it now". In searching for this ad so I could post it because I find it humorous. I realized how much controversy this ad has placed. There are so many people complaining about it and how it just pushes some over the edge into a pit of self indulgence. This makes me laugh. Yes Ads are marketing and used to influence people, but wow can we not make a decision for ourselves. If there was room in the budget and tv were the first priority in my life we'd get the nicest most fantastic tv and surround system. As for where it fits in in a tiny living room that is another matter. My sister and her hubby bought a huge tv knowing they were moving into a bigger house. She told me she had to watch the tv from a bedroom down the hall on some scenes because it was so large it made her naseous. Now it fits into their new home well, but they made a decision based on what they could afford, what they would need in their new place and where it fit in with their lifestyle. They are phenomenal movie buffs. Come on People. Lets give some of us a little credit. Okay well thats my rant and rave. I still find the commercial funny because my hubby has been researching tvs for soooooo long because his wife kept saying when this one dies we'll discuss it. So his happy day is here. And I have no doubt that in between work emails he is searching the web for the tv that will fulfill his desires right now. :-) I am excited because I think we will mount it on the wall and the extra few feet in the living room will be nice. I have a small house and it doesnt bother me. I can click off the reasons over and over. Less cleaning and togetherness. My Aunt told me one time that she felt like she had to big a house a few years ago. That every child could be in a different part of the house, one of the multiple living room/game rooms etc and they could never see eachother. It was just to big. My little house has a great room that includes the kitchen, dinning room and living room and I feel like we all get to hang out together. Plus it makes you think before purchase (yes think before a purchase imagine that!) because there isn't a ton of room. My craft room is in our hobby barn and I like it that way. I feel like I get away from the house when I go to do all my test cuts. I could sit in my craft room and just vedge sometimes surround by the pretty paper, but my hubby goes nutz in my craft room. He likes order our of chaos. I live comfortably in a little bit of chaos. You never know what you will find when you go looking for one thing and stumble across something better for a layout.
Okay I am definitely in a ramble ramble mood. I better run my little one is perusing the Birthday Express catalog for his desires on a birthday party theme. So far we are stuck on the pirates concept. woohoo! A Pirate Fort party should be fun. Now that the fort has a slide on it to.
Off I go again. Think I might try to make some bread today.

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Sure, Chris, just when I thought it was safe to put away the credit card, you add more files. At least the credit card gets lots of use!

Patty M