Monday, March 17, 2008

This is sooo wonderful. I created this file thinking hmm... I think it's cute. Will anyone else think it's cute?? And Wow did Karen add the punch with her style to the file. There are two of my files on this page. One is the file I Sea You and the other is the Fish Jumble. Thank you Karen for sharing it with us!

And this file is one of my Borders that Sussann also from my Creative Team sent me. This made me want to run out and cut it in a bunch of shades and then contact Heather about Rubber Stamping again (and drive her crazy) and make a bunch of cards. It still does. So I think this weekend I will cut some of these borders and make a bunch of cards with them if I can get a chance. Maybe Friday afternoon. Very nice and thank you for the inspiring shares!!

*** So now the big conundrum. I feel like it is time for a dirt cheap sale or a regular sale or something, so I am thinking on that. ** What to do??

How many days left in this quarter for the QMC? Not Many Not Many... Ready for the next one? I have a bunch of files in the works so it plans to be a productive quarter and 20 files minimum in 3 months, you'll have to check back often to make sure you get them all downloaded. I am excited!! 2nd Quarter Membership If you have more questions... try Here

On to life... So guess what?? You knew it??? I am assistant coach again for soccer. Luckily practices will be a little bit later in the day, but my son is excited!! The next few weekends are super busy with family events we have a confirmation and Easter this weekend, then a nephews baptism, then a nieces baby baptism (I am the godmother! Yeah), and then my little baby Bambino's birthday after that. woohoo! So he won't miss soccer for a bit I am sure. We will be heading to Phoenix to visit the family and have Easter at my brother's house. Will be a nice change of pace.

last night we celebrated St. Pat's day with the in-laws. It was a lot of fun and loving and warm family. We all ate and were merry and chatted. It was wonderful. Then we were invited to one of the cousins bday parties. A roller skating party. Should be fun. My hubby can skate like a crazyman. I have no balance with this load up front going on. So I am like the little bobble head dolls with my arms sticking straight out. trying to keep up. If we can make it, it will be the first time my little one has skated. Should be an interesting party for a cousin who I think is around 25 years old. Should be a lot of fun if he can get lots of family out there. The giggles in that family are contagious.

I better run. It's getting late and I have to finish up some things.

Have a wonderful day!


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