Friday, March 21, 2008

Hellllo everyone!

We made it to Friday. Woohoo!! Hope you have great plans for easter. Little seek and hide easter eggs, baskets galore etc... oh and those little cadbury eggs. hmmm.. I actually am not big on the candy in my son's basket. He gets enough from the grandparents. So I bought him one of the new Backyardigans DVDs. Some binoculars, little drink bottles with a cool core ( he will love putting these in the freezer) and a few little candies. I am looking forward to the jaunt to my brother's house. I can tell he and his wife are sooo looking forward to having a family holiday in their home. Should be a fun and busy weekend with a little driving involved, but this is fun to because my hubby and I chat about interesting things. Some of it business related and some of it house. Just depends on the mood.


So there is a little sale running at Paperthreads today to celebrate the anniversary of the forum. This is kinda cool. I love visiting the Paperthreads Forum. Also in the QMC thread we have started an ideas list for next quarter so I can copy it and keep it for next time around and work from it. If you have an idea.. please add it there. or you can email me of course. Also, the last word book letters were added. so make sure you get them and download them all as soon as you can because March 31st and that membership will be removed from the forum to make room for the new one.


Today is nice. I have all the windows open. My little one is playing in the sandbox outside. the laundry machine is running like a madman. I think I might get some time to cut some files out today and test run them. It is just a beautiful day! It would only be more perfect if my hubby was here to enjoy it and I could listen to him workin away on this fort. It is getting there. Just a few rails left and wahhhlaaahh. It will be an excellent pirate ship. I found this little pirate online last night and recolored him a little to print out on my sons party invites. He is cute so I thought I'd show you him.


Well have a wonderful day!!



Updated... PS. I posted on Heather's blog for the Pay It Forward challenge... I am trying to think of something fun to give as the prize. To check out the details her blog is here. And in the meantime I am off to think and keep an eye out for it coming up!

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Victoria said...

Just an idea to pay it forward - how about offering a cutter file. Maybe one of the more popular ones? If folks have a cutter, They'd probably like to choose one of a three maybe. Just my idea! I'm NOT accepting the pay it forward here, just giving you an idea. I can hardly keep up with the RAKS I already do! LOL! That's what makes pay it forward so nice.