Friday, December 21, 2007

Almost there... we're gonna make it..

So here we are a few days from Christmas. I am headed to the store to do the last few items pickup and then home. Tomorrow we have friends coming over for my Hubbie's birthday party and Sunday to ride the horse and then I will have Christmas eve to finish up the home made gifts. I think I will make it. Woohoo!!! If not, no biggy. The best will be going to church on Christmas Eve singing the hymns at mass and at the end of mass Santa comes and waves to the kids. My son is counting down the days on the calendar to Baby Jesus's Birthday. I am looking forward to the family time. Hopefully I will get some good pictures of the projects I am working on. Well I better run. I leave you with this giggly image from You Tube. My sister in law sent me one with a little boy called the Best Paper Shredder Ever. But I couldn't find it on YouTube. So in looking this one just made me giggle. So I had to share.

Also.. working on Matte Frames with all the words sent in. I have a bunch done.


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