Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Monday Monday. and then Vegas Baby!!

Well It's Monday. What a great weekend! I love seeing my Dad. But now I am in the rush to prepare to leave on Wednesday for Vegas. I was able to check my email a bit this weekend, but I will be unplugged this coming weekend so I have until Tuesday night and then won't be back til Monday a.m. If you need something quick email me or I will get to it as soon as I get back.
This past weekend we spent lots of time hanging out together as family. My bambino got his kitchen with a grill and he loves it. We had to go on Sunday and buy more plastic food for it. My son is a cooking crazy man. He also received a Fireman Costume. So in between he has the Fireman jacket on and the Chefs hat. So he is busy busy. It was nice because he got about 5 or 6 gifts and he can play with them now before Christmas. He can be overwhelmed at times with tons and tons of things. Overstimulization. So having a few at a time was good.
Well I can't think... I have so much running through my head and a ton of emails to catch up on so I better run. I just wanted everyone to know I was still alive!
Have a wonderful day!


Victoria said...

So glad you had a great visit with your dad. What a treat. Have fun in Vegas cause what happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!

dgstamper said...

How cute the cooking fireman. Fireman are known for being wonderful cooks. There could be a future here.

I'm glad that you are having a wonderful break with your father and your family.