Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Moth of Fun....

Is it really a break when you decide to do a ton of other things instead of what you normally do? Probably not, but no biggy. I am having fun. I decided to fill in my yearly scrapbooking with a few digital pages. Most know that I create hybrid pages. Digital backgrounds and accents on top. Gives me the time to put things together and then add that perfect touch to the top. Like icing on the cake. So some of the elements on this page are from Tracy Sims, the paper I created. I think I will put a flower over the top of the one in the digital ones and maybe take out the butterfly and add a butterfly die cut with glitter kinda thing.

So this was my Bambino just so excited over a moth in a lampshade. I captured his smiles and a few relatives coming over to check to see what was soooo amusing. It is kinda a jumble of pictures, but I couldn't leave out a one.

Today is the get it done, pack it up and finish it day before we head to Las Vegas. So I have to make sure the horse sitter and dog sitters are in line. That people have the keys they need. I need to go get my truck washed and vaccuumed out also. Last night I took all the papers and things that accumulate out of the truck and put them in a plastic bag and took them out of the truck. Wew. So much can accumulate in them. I just thought I would come up with a fresh start. And then pack. I have to pack pack pack. ugh. I hate to pack. I don't do it well. I should sit down and make a list and stick to it, but I just keep adding in case. We will have limited space in the truck so I have to get it slim down a bit. Plus a bridesmaids dress, my friend is getting married. Oh lovely... just remembered that I still need to sew the hem up on the dress. So off I go so I can get moving. Have a mahvelous day!!!
Be Safe, Be Warm and

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Bec said...

Chris I hope you have a wonderful time in Vegas. Enjoy it!