Wednesday, December 26, 2007

12 days after Christmas Party & New Year's Resolutions Anyone?

The 12 days after Christmas Deals & Steals by the Paperthreads Designers has begun. So check out the blogs and find it. And when you find their coupon remember that over in my section of the store everything is up for the secret sale with the exception of the Quarterly Membership which will be closing January 31st and reopening in March for the second quarter. But whatever you dooooooo. Do not purchase the Holiday Super Bundle I have recently uploaded. It will be my steal of a deal, but I can't tell you which day yet for the 12 days after holidays!!!! Visit this Thread here at Paperthreads and it will help you to find them all. And if all goes well. There will be an extra bonus too.. Wooohoo!! Can't wait. And I have two positions in the 12 days after holidays party. So you'll get to hear from me twice. (Are ya sick of me yet???)

I am creating away and working away and trying to think where will I put all of my sons new toys. Thank gooooodness I took the time to clean out his room part way a few months back because we have some serious rearranging going to be happening today. He is so excited for all his toys. he seems to have forgotten that I am here while he plays with them. Well clothes are usually the dreaded child gift, but my son only go two shirts and a pair of pants. Means there will be slim pickings for summer clothes. hahaha.. I seriously need to consider taking them to a second hand kid stores. I have heard this is good and bad. So maybe I will give it a shot.

Okay and New Year's Resolutions...

One ... is to find a way to limit spam in my email box. Somehow.

Two... organize my weeks a bit better

Three... This is my year for fitness (If I didnt have a fitness resolution I would feel sooo lost)

Four ... Clean out the craft room. And narrow the supplies to those I really enjoy doing. (Luckily I have given myself a year to do this!)

Five... Get back on track with the birthday cards. Anyone have a suggestion for birthday websites that will remind you when who why where what?

So have you got any interesting and new ones?

I better go survey the rooms and see how to rearrange. Also, tomorrow I will post my rendition of a gingerbread house for a blog. Welll. lets say my hubby and sons. My friend Lori had an interesting story about one. Ours was in the works still when she and her hubby were working on theirs. So our end result will be shown tomorrow.

Also, I am working on uploads over the next few days. So hopefully they will make the store for the secret sale. so keep your eye out.


PS the files on the left were put together for a special project. They won't be available for a bit in the store. But I thought they were cute So I wanted to share it with you.

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