Thursday, December 27, 2007

This Girl Can Ramble ....

So here are some of the new ones I uploaded to the "hopper" at Paperthreads in hopes they make it to the store for the Secret Sale. They are on the left.

I am ready to get past the holiday season and into the New Year. This past year has had some incredible lows for me and my family, but at the same time some phenomenal highs. I have alot of new friends because of this blog which I started in February of last year and a very enjoyable way to help support my family by selling files at Paperthreads.

I have to take a moment to Thank all of you that visit my blog regularly throughout all the changes it has gone through. And for those who have hung in with me. And also to those who send me little emails with stories about their families and their lives because you feel like you are a part of mine through this blog. Thank you to everyone for being a part of my blog.

QMC members - I uploaded the Family frame to the QMC section HERE. It was the winner of our pole and is now there for everyone to see.

The 12 days after Christmas... for those stopping by to see the deal. It is the awesome lady with the cutest Puppppy you have ever seen. SOOOO Cute! Keep an eye out for my day because I will have a Cheap Cheap deal and a steal. So don't miss it. Here is the forum thread with the info.

For those who requested these frames above I will be sending them to you in your email.

Nikki Maxfield. Could you please email me. I am getting bounce messages from your email box. I just realized.Thanks mucho.

Creative Team - I have decided after talking to a few to start a creative team for Visual Designs by Chris files. The commitment will be one project per month. The opportunities include preview files and the files you work with for a project will be given to you to work with. I have a few people seated on this Team already and have a few more spots. If you are interested, please send me 3 project pics and an email with a little bit about yourself. I am going to limit this to a certain number of people because I want to be able to work with everyone. If you have sent me projects in the past just let me know and I will look through my folder for them. I keep them all. (When I need a creative boost, I peruse them) There are some limitations as to who I can have, but we can discuss that in email rather then here. And I will probably do it by familiarity and first response. There will probably be openings in the future as well when some decide to focus on other parts of their lives. So I will keep those who have sent in their info in case they want to join in the future. Thank you in advance to those who have decided they would like to participate in this. My Email Address

My camera battery is dead, but I can tell you some of the gingerbread story. Much like my friend Lori the glueing process to stick it together with powdered sugar and water was an experience. I sat with my hands in a great contortion holding it all together waiting for it to dry. I finally had to go do things and let go and the roof slowly slid off. So I stacked Marshmallows inside to hold the walls up and left the rest for my hubby to work on. So he and my son put the rest of it together and decorated it. There is a marshmallow for a smoke stack and a hugs hersheys kiss for on top of it. It came out super cute. Two green macaroons made trees in the front yard. and the pictures will come tomorrow.

Seeing my son Christmas morning was awesome. Our bedroom is at the end of the hall. So being the worry wart parents we are. He still has a monitor in his room at 3. So we could hear him move around slowly and the more then we heard him jump up. So I stood at the doorway of our room and he came out of his room and ran for the Christmas tree. I followed behind him and sat down on the floor next to his presents so I could see his face. The biggest opened mouth you could ever see. It was fantastic. FOR ME he said almost in a whisper. I said yes it is because you are such a wonderful boy you made the "nice list". He jumped on his mechanical backhoe and started digging at the carpet and having a blast. It was awesome. Some of the other moments included the look on his face when he opened another gift. He opened his eyes look at me and said in a whisper... "I cannot believe it". This made grin from ear to ear. He gave everyone hugs and he said THANK YOU VERY MUCH lots and lots. My mom got him a knight's outfit it was one of the last presents of the night and I think he has only taken it off to sleep or eat. He loves to play dressup. I attribute this to the Backyardigans show. Such great imaginations. I can really see my son using his lots.

Thank you Heather for the Holiday Card. I don't know how you do it, but it was beautiful and humorous all at the same time. Wonderful!!

Also, I got a few picture projects in the email over the weekend I will post them in the next couple days. They are awesome!!

Well can I ramble. ... I absolutely Can. I better run!! Gotta feed those horses.

Enjoy! Again



Anonymous said...

Love the frames! Glad that you had a great Christmas! Soooo...glad to have found your friendship this year! Happy New Year!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome clue Chris! I am reading this the day after! Wonder who the host is today?????