Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tippin Santa... and this weekend

Look at this cute Santa.. I saw this at the Gallery at Paperthreads by Karen and I love it. Super cute. So I asked Karen to send it over so I can post it here as well. Thank you Karen. My hubby saw all the silver and liked the extra touch of "snow". Thank you again for sharing with me.

From now til Monday my Dad will be here. I will be super limited in my email and keeping up because I see him about 10 days out of every year and try to spend as much time with him as possible. And I split my time with my siblings and their kiddos also. So if you email and I don't respond right away. I will get to you. The left side of my blog has all the links for Where you can find me? If you are asking about the QMC. I always ask for your order number and login name. So if you send those in your first email it saves one extra step.

And as for now. I am off to clean a bathroom and get us dressed to head to the airport. Woohoo!! I can't wait.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Bec said...

Enjoy your visit with your Dad Chris.