Saturday, December 8, 2007

A quick stop in... Die Cuts of my designs, Autumn Beauty by Rosalie

A real quick stop in...

Hello to all. My Dad is here and today is the day we have "Christmas Morning". I am waiting for my brother and his wife to wake up so we can all get showered and head to my sisters. My Dad got my son a kids kitchen. My Son knows it is there because he went with Grandpa to pick it out, but he is anxious to get it out of the box. So this should be fun. Apparently, my little boy gets beat out for the kitchen every day at school. They have centers and there are only 5 kids to a center at a time. So he wanted his own. I figure he may be the next best chef of the world. So lets get it for him. Of course for the more manly testasterone approach it has a grill on one side and a kitchen on the flipside. :) This will be a perfect accompaniement (sp?) to his fort in March when it is warm enough to be outside regularly again.

A few things...

Have you seen this layout

From Rosalie over at Paperthreads she is on the Creative Design Team there!! Woohoo!
I don't have the large photo version to post here. If Rosalie is stopping by my blog maybe she can EMAIL it to me and I will post it here. I love the way the leaves and the paper and the Autumn Beauty Jumble are cut to out and the papers all match so well together. Thank you Rosalie for such a great project.

In other news... Have you heard of a Scrapbook Whimsy?? Well Wendy over at Scrapbook Whimsy has become the first retail spot for purchasing my files already diecut. So if you don't have time to run your cutter or have hit upon my blog and don't own a cutter, but want one of my diecuts Wendy is the first one with a Commercial License to retail the diecuts. Here is her beautiful store site! Thanks for participating Wendy and congrats on your storefront. I will be working on getting her link up on my main website as well. Thank you to those who have seen my diecuts for sale on her website already and were concerend and emailed me. I so appreciate the support and everyone watching out forme. She is selling the actual cut piece of my file and not the digital file. My digital files are not for sale anywhere other than Paperthreads. If you see my digital files posted anywhere else, always feel free to let me know. I appreciate my visitors always. If you are interested in the Commercial Policy it is HERE.

Okay so I have about 220 emails to respond to from the last few days. So if you sent me an email I will be getting back to them as soon as I can. I just wanted to stop in real quick and say Hi before I head to my sisters and spend more time with Dad and then next weekend is Vegas woohoo!! So I will try to catch up with them all before I go.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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