Monday, August 27, 2007

Welcome to Monday

Well it is Monday what a wonderful weekend!

First can I say I am working on an upload and it should be later today. I have a ton a ton of errands to run in town. If I can get it all done and home I should have one.

For right now, I am getting ready to head in and hit swim lessons and then multiple stops on top of that. So I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine started out with my hubby and I kicking up our heels and doing a little country swing. He and I met on the dance floor and it is one of our most favorite moments together. We got a ton done at the house with little things or rather my hubby did with my son. They worked on all kindsa things from messing with the boat, to changing out the horse waterers, to fixing the fence. My son just trudged behind his Dad with small plastic hammer in hand. So awesome to watch them. Then Sunday was a fun filled family day. We drove to Phoenix to help my brother move a jacuzzi then back to Tucson for a family party with my in laws. Fantastic! Love how that family gets together and just hangs out. By 9:30 pm we got home and had left at 530 a.m. we were exhausted, but it was time spent together so how awesome.

So this weekend I read a few magazine pages here and there. One that stuck in my mind was about an actress...can't remember her name for the life of me.... rrrr... anyways she was talking about taking baby steps to going "green". I gotta admit in life this crosses my mind lots from living on a farm in my youth, to spending time with my Dad in the summers in the "woods" of Wisconsin to living in the desert with my Mom and siblings and having horses of our own and living on a larger parcel of land then most. It may not be a huge section of land, but it is ours and we like it. We have just enough room to spread out. But I think alot about nature and life and how we all interact with eachother. How living in the desert versus the woods is each so different, but still have a lot of consistent features. One of those is I can still awe over a flower. And especially in the desert. I can awe at its beauty in a world of dirt and cacti. This lady in the article stated that you can take baby steps... Take a canvas bag to the grocery store with you for those quick trips or buy a favorite coffee mug to take to the local coffee chain. I thought wow this is pretty easy steps and I have a huge-a-mongous canvas bag I use for toting things already. And man does it drive me nutz when those little plastic bags break and some of my family in Wisconsin is supported by the paper industry so alot of times I try to use paper bags. But that also has its repercussions. So this week I will be seeing if I can clean out that tote bag and take it to the store for a test run for this quick stops at the grocery store. I am thinking this way I won't be dropping a can of soup on my foot when the plastic bag splits. And as for the coffee.... well I don't drink it... ick.. Hot burning scalding brown water with the funkiest bizarrest after taste that makes you want to cut your tongue out because you burned it and now it tastes like trash. ewwww. give me cold pepsi on ice any time! another habit I have to break. hahaha.

Well I have rambled to long.. I am wondering if anyone else has any simple easy steps to "green"... like turn off the water when brushing your teeth, unplug your chargers when not in use so they stop draining electric ... any thoughts? I am just curious..

Thanks much for listening.. have a fantastic Monday. See ya later today.



Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, glad you and your DH had some fun together - love to hear your stories. Great that you are thinking green too. Here in UK we are recycling much more now... Mother Earth has had her fill of all our rubbish and seems to be getting indigestion!! Another tip is don't leave things like TV,dvd and computers on standby. Have rainwater butts set into gutter down pipes so you can water the garden with rainwater (my friend even hauls her bathwater out in a pail and waters the garden!! You may already do this where you are - I don't think you get much rain, do you? Enjoy your day - did they catch the lion?? Have to have a bit of sympathy for her - she's a mum and mum's do whatever they have to for their babies. If they caught her I hope they got the little ones too and they release all of them somewhere where they can get on with their lives without upsetting the humans any more.


Heather said...

I'm all for turning the water off while I brush my teeth. And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks that about coffee. YUCK!!
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

One of my MAJOR peeves with my family (all teenagers) is to turn off your monitor!! Just because it's timed out it's still spinnin' the meter just waiting for you to touch it for instant turn on.

Another is clothes that are hung on hangers can be hung while still damp. No need to dry them to death. We have plenty of t-shirts that I do this way. Cuts dryer time and dosen't heat up the house, so I guess this is a double!

Thanks Chris!! Sounds like you had a great weekend.


Ann in NJ said...

Ahhh, I love my coffee in the morning, but since I didn't learn to drink it until after college, I understand. My "easy green" tip is to plan out your errands so you're not criss-crossing and back-tracking and therefore wasting gas. And my other is pass things on! Instead of tossing stuff in the garbage, find a place to donate it, join Freecycle (Yahoo groups) to give it away, garage sale it, anything that could be used again is one less thing in a landfill.
Love your art and your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
Our family recycles as much as we can stand to have sitting around in between trips. I have kitchen trashcans out in the garage close to the door to the garage. One each for cardboard, household papers, newspaper, plastic, and aluminum cans. When I have a recyclable I just open the door and toss it into the trashcan it goes with. On recycling day we load up all the cans and take it to the drop off center. My husband would save more electricity at home if it were up to him but I cannot sleep in the dark...I have a nightlight in nearly every room. Have a great week.

Dayme said...

Hi Chris. I just wanted to say that my husband and I too met on the dancefloor! I'm from Texas and he's from Oklahoma but the military has brought us to South Carolina. I feel like I'm on another planet cause the dancehalls are soooo drastically different. The men don't dance for the most part, so all the women line dance. They have a line dance for every song known to man and take up the entire dancefloor. I sometimes laugh because if we do have space to dance, everyone stares at us. We try to go dancin at least every other weekend, but it's an hour drive each way for us now. Junky! As for going green, there are affordable energy saving lightbulbs you can change to, they fit in any standard socket and use way less energy to operate, and are longer lasting. I'm also a member of a freecycle group and it really is true what they say about one man's trash being another man's treasure. I regularly give away magazines and paper bags from the grocery store. I also use my paper bags to wrap packages for mailing so I can use an old box instead of getting a new one. One last bit...if your coffee is mostly cream and sugar, there's no yucky taste! LOL, have a great day!