Thursday, August 23, 2007

Farm Chics... Love the Greene

So a request for some farm items and here is one of them. I have a few more in the works as well. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. The file is a Terms Restricted File! This means it is for your personal use and not to be shared or redistributed to others. If you cannot follow these guidelines please do not download. Keying in the password to this file (which was sent in email to my group, which you can sign up for on the left of my blog) is your digital signature that you agree to these terms. Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my files. This file is no longer available, but may be purchased HERE.

I need suggestions on my sale files for next month. I usually like to put one to two files on sale. Your thoughts on which files that should be are appreciated. If you want something now and can't wait another week there is a coupon code at the bottom of the email with the password it is only valid on my files in the store and is a total percent off the entire purchase.. So Michelle tells me there can only be my files in your shopping cart or it won't work. I have been asked about this. So I thought I would post the info again.
Other then basic questions about my blog and how it works. The password by email seems to be working out so far. So that is good. I was worried that everyone would hate it. Just another step but seems to be not to bad.
Today is Thursday. I have a long laundry list of items to do. And laundry to. Going to see lots of family this weekend and am looking forward to it. My son loves to play with his cousins. Going to look at some airline flights for my Dad to visit us in December and maybe go to Minnesota for a long weekend to see some of the inlaws. Lots of upcoming plans. We like to keep busy. flights from here to Minnesota are expensive. So I will have to do lots of shopping around. Well I am rambling because I don't want to do laundry. So I better sign off. Wish everyone a phenomenal day!! And then we are on to Friday woohoo!! Friday the hubby and I are going dancing. Couldn't be better.


Kristen said...

This is so stinkin' cute! I love it Chris! THANK YOU!

Cindy said...


Cindy said...

Oh my flippin gosh. HOW CUTE.
It was me that requested farm items. This brought a huge smile
to my face when I saw it.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I love today's file but I'm sure that you figured I would. The new password thing seems to be going OK. Wish the old way hadn't gotten ruined though but such is life.

Maybe some dance files would be nice.


sandy said...

boy you've nailed me right on the head the last two days. love em and thanks!

Deb said...

Know JUST the layout to use this on!!! My cyber scrapbooking friend (whom I've never met) emailed me the cutest pic of her daughter on the "John Deere", LOL! Will share when I complete the layout. Thanks for such great "free" files *Ü*

I enjoy your BLOG each and every morning.

Phyllis said...

I LOVE this. Have a good use for it. Thanks, Phyllis

TammyB said...

This is such a great file!

Anonymous said...

Chris, I live in a farming community here in UK, so this will be a great file for me!! Thanks for sharing - this goes straight into the Chris Durnan folder!!
Enjoy your dancing.


Anonymous said...

Dance till your heart and feet are equally happy!

Thanks for the files, you are a sweetheart!


my5bratz said...

got a great pic i can use with this i missing the point or is chicks supposed to have a K?