Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pitchin' a Fit, Pickin' Horse Apples, Devil's Pitchfork

This will be the file for today. I am working on all the conversions for it and seeing if I can get a second file up for later today to. Have to test cut it. I should know when I start out Monday with how the heck am I gonna make it through everything today. I probably won't get a file up. So this one will be here. just wanted to give you a preview pic. Came up with three titles for one image so I am including them all in one file.

Also you should have a new password today! If you didn't get the email. you'll have to check the group.
This is a terms restricted file.. Please do not download unless you have read my TOU and plan to abide by them. Entering the password is your digital signature that you agree and abide by these terms... This file is no longer available for Download, but may be purchased. HERE

A few things.. my friend Lori is asking for prayers for a friend of hers son. If you have a moment of silence, please take it to send prayers. The miles may be far but prayer travels by the speed of god. Thank you to those who can. This is near and dear to me because of my cousin and his head injuries after a car accident at the age of 9 months. Every prayer counts no matter how short and long. Thank you.

Next.. Pickin Horse Apples. A chore I don't relish at all. and Yes Shae you are right (see comments for more info). Included in the file are three titles because I couldn't pick the best one to put with the pitchfork.

My hubby came home with a gift for me last night a 320 gigabyte external hard drive. woohooo I can clear some things off my laptop because it is chugging and I worry constantly about something happening so later today I will be plugging it in and copying everything to it for a backup. He knows how to make me smile!!

Thank you to those who used my coupon last week. Thank you Thank you.

Also, this was a request I saw earlier this morning so thought I would throw it out here for those with great ideas... What kinda of decorations can you make for a wedding reception, a simple open house after the ceremony..... what kinda of decorations can you make with your cutter?? My first thought was cut out their names and put them around the tables kinda like a larger version of confetti with additional words like happiness, love etc, or cut a tall piece with hearts and their names to put in the center of the flowers. Does anyone have any other ideas??

Well our horse shoer is here. So I am off to listen to some good horse stories and information and try to get some work done in between.


Oh and if you have children and need a break from life and just to laugh at the pure chaos.. anyone who ends their posts with...

OK, I have to go clean pudding off the ceiling now. Don't ask.

Is A-OK in my book. And yes this is the ebay.. pokemon card lady. Her blog cracks me up and slows me down for a few minutes every day to read every word of it.



Anonymous said...

Chris....Okay...I hate to sound clueless...but what are horse apples? I'm guessing it's stinky poo but I've never heard that term...Cute file....we could use Pitchin a fit nearly any day! Ha.

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris. I have the password, but can't find the link to download this file. And I agree what are horse apples? LOL

Patty M said...

Chris, I have many uses for the Pitchin' A Fit title - we were at the zoo on Saturday and my 5 year old niece was pitchin a fit about riding on the train around the zoo - she wanted to walk but us oldy moldy people needed a break.

Patty M

Jun Bug House said...

I see I am not the only one familiar with the phase "Pitch a Fit."
Yes, keeping Lori's friends son in my prayers.

Robin said...

Hi Chris. Love this file, can't wait to use the pickin horse apples one. I have a few shots of DH doing it.

Laurie said...

I made a wedding centerpiece with my Sizzix shadow alpha. I put each letter of "JUST MARRIED" on a skewer and stuck them into a styrofoam filled vase with some other "bridal" paper piecings. Lots f possibilities with this.