Friday, August 24, 2007

Farm Family

Here is another Farm file for the books. These are Terms Restricted File which means they are for your own personal use and not to be shared, altered or claim as your own. Downloading this file is an acceptance of these terms when you type in the password (see how I run my blog bottom of left column.. if you don't have it.. or join my group) This file is no longer available for download, but you can purchase it at Paperthreads Soon.

Okay on to Friday. wooohoo. It is Friday and tonight we are headed out. Which means I need to look through my clothes to find something to wear. I have a few western "bling bling" belts that I just love, but have to decide what I want to wear. My hubby took his clothes with him so I can just pick him up after work and he can be ready to go. It has been a while we have been out together on our own. Soo soo excited. Should be lotsa fun. My son will have fun at his aunt's and I get to kick up my boots. What a win win situation! Can you tell I am excited.

So the last few nights with my son have been crazy. My son has been so wired it is insane. He spent twenty minutes last night running circles in the living room. Part of the problem is he can't go outside by himself or with the dogs right now. There is a mountain lion in the neighborhood. So he usually goes outside and plays in the sand box and our dogs hang out with him while he is outside. They are cute they just follow him around everywhere. But our friends large dog was killed, another neighbors horse was attacked and my friend was driving down the road and saw it. She said it is huge. She sounded a little suprised it was so large. The reports are the mountain lion has cubs in the area and that is why she hasn't left the area. So that means my little boy doesnt get to go out without me. Hence the pent up energy. This little character Diego on tv is one hyperspastic kid and runs everywhere. Therefore my son wants to run everywhere! Wew!

Well I better run. Gotta feed the horses. Have a wonderful weekend!


TammyB said...

OMG - hopefully that mountain lion with be moving on as soon as her cubs are able. Can't they trap it and move it to another area? Also, have a great time tonight - I have been out with my DH in such a long time. This is another great farm file. We own 25 acres but we don't do any actual farming. Just hay.

Cindy said...

Another great one.
Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I am so far behind on thanking you for your a big THANK YOU! I think your new format for sharing is great.

A mountain lion? The worst I've ever had to worry about was coyotes that were being run out of their home by land development and were going around attacking neighborhood dogs. We live basically in the city so it was just odd to have the coyotes brave enough to visit. Now a mountain lion I just cannot fathom.

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, I love your files and have down loaded an bought a few of them. I signed up to receive the free password. But it said you had to accept me. I never received an acceptance email. Hopefully this is a over site, and I didn't do something wrong when I applied.

klawster said...

i hear ya except here it has been raining like crazy and my little one (16 months) is constantly standing by the window saying outside and everytime i get her dressed she just stands by the door and looks out and says wet. can't wait for some warm weather to let her run in the yard.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful files with us!


Ps...could you do a soccer mini album so that I could go to paperthreads and buy it!