Sunday, August 5, 2007

Okay so for those who have read the comments from Anonymous and are way concerned. Don't worry. I find it way laughable. I read it and think... hmm.. seriously I was irritated for like two minutes and now one of the 14 women I didnt know about or the original sender is irritated. well good that is one heck of an emotion.

I guess I will not be offering Freebies anymore I will be offering Terms Restricted files. hence not meaning the terms are a freebie but that they are restricted and limited.

And as for all my super fantastic downloaders who took their precious time away from their families and lives ....oh and the "cure for cancer" to give me some positive feedback. Thank you as always your honor, appreciation and respect motivate me.

The biggest change you may see in my blog is you cannot post anonymously. My apologies ... this bums me out because I know it is a pain to join every thing on the internet. But if you are gonna make a comment of any kind. You should be able to post your name, if not welcome to the chicken farm.

now let's get past the drama and I am seriously looking into a subscriber list for the passwords. This would enable me to offer my downloaders so many extra things as well. I am way excited about this. Lemons to Lemonades.

So a real boost to the blog to get past the drama and BS are...... some layouts of my files. I am gonna look through my emails I have received and see if there are any pictures to post. Anyone have any. I find these are great pick me ups and incentives to be creative and keeping creating.
So anyone with a few layouts laying around from my files that you havent seen me post. remind me about it or send me the pictures. Or if you aren't working with one of my files... Then what did you do in your craft space this weeked that was positive and fun...

HERE is the link to email me.

Enjoy Folks. Have a wonderful weekend and what a fantastic group of people we have here!!!

Again a disclaimer.. this blog is definitely not the cure for cancer... but hopefully the cure for the common frown or an unused cutter. (bahahahahahah.. as my friend Lori says.. she always adds a B. I usually do it hahahah.. makes me wonder what her real life laugh sounds like. :) )



scrappinmama said...

Sorry to hear you have had to go to these measures, but understand completely. As for keeping the person anonymous, I think you should seriously consider contacting the Yahoo group moderator and reporting this. I for one think this should be grounds for eliminating their membership. Thanks for your generousity. I have looked forward to seeing your creations daily.

Robin said...

OMG Chris, I go and leave for a couple days and all heck breaks out. I can not believe someone could do this to you and to us. I would so be willing to pay to be a subscriber. Whatever you decide. If you decide not to post anymore files I would completely understand that. Hope all this garbage doesn't spoil your weekend too badly. I have a LO I want to send you when I finish it today. Take care and please know we care.

Sarah said...

Thanks for all the free files and continuing to be so giving despite some who are less appreciative!

joanberrie said...

Im not sure why my post didnt go thru yesterday,,,,but here it is:
I am so sorry that such a generous person could be hurt this way. Unfortunately if someone wants to do the wrong thing there isnt much that we can do. Personally, I do not feel that you should have to spend money or invest a lot of time trying to keep out the bad guys.Dont let them take your joy. Just a quickie suggestion-If you started a yahoo group and posted the files to members only, you could control the membership and not need any password. I am not sure that this would stop anyone from sharing your files, OR how you could determine who not to allow into the group. Just know that I will support whatever you decide to do, including paying a fee. And lastly, A letter from you to that group explaining what they are participating in by stealing these files would probably be meaningful to most.....and I dont think that I would leave out the name!
Wishing you peace of mind...

Nina Merle said...

I just got my name for google. Even though I was anonymous, I always left my name in the comments.
I read the comments this morning. I am on the east coast so, it was early here. I was a little worried about that one.
I also do embroidery and this seems to be a common thing there too, except you have people sharing paid for files or selling them on ebay. UGHHHH
But, my point is that I do belong to several groups that have subscritions. So hopeful you can find a great service, I am willing to pay to belong too :-)
I only have one more week of summer break and I have scrapbooked my from 1986 to 1997, Hoping to get to 2007 done! So I am going to keep checking back in to see how you are doing. Hugs Nina

mrnmrshammond said...

Count me in! Let me know if I need to send you my E-Mail address so that you can add me to your list!

Ginny said...

This is the first time I'm commenting but I visit here almost every day and enjoy reading about your life and seeing what the free file is for the day. You are so sweet to share your designs with us and I'm so sorry that someone gave away one of your files. I've had a similar experience and it's like someone took a piece out of you ! If your list goes private or you move please include me.

Jenn said...

scrappinmama had a great suggestion - the person who posted your file is actually posting copyrighted content - which violates not only your TOU, but Yahoo's as well.
I hope you figure out a solution that will eliminate those who abuse your kindness.

Anonymous said...

This situation is really sad - for anyone to do this to hurt such a generous person as you isabout as low as it gets.
I would be happy to pay a fee to subscribe to your list. You have made some beautiful files and I hope you continue to share them with us!

Sunset_scooter said...

I just recently found your blog & was very plesently surprised to discover that the cutter files I recently purchased @ Paperthreads were yours. It is so nice to put an artists face to their work. My sweetie is a musician so we are very aware of some people that don't seem to understand the difference between sharing & ....I personally am inpressed with the skill and imagination that you have when creating these files. I can mainpulate data but I haven't got the knack to visualize and then create - the way you do. I hope this little bump will not dim your creative light & I will continue to watch for your files at PaperThreads. Thanks - Sunset (in San Diego CA)

Dawn said...

this is so sad. We will miss all your freebies but atleast they will be for sale. keep up the great work Chris

Nikki said...


Thank you so much for sharing your files with us. I feel bad that all this has happened--and just when you were excitedly awaiting your 100,000 download day. I love your files--visiting your blog is part of my daily routine--kind of a brush with the outside world since I'm stuck at home with little people all day.

Like many others, I will support you on whatever decision you make--I love that you are being the "bigger person"--you may not have the cure for cancer, but I'm positive you make many days just a little brighter.


Marilyn said...

Chris, I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I hope you can rise above it and continue doing your awesome designs. I check everyday to see what cool thing you are up to and what the new design might be. Whatever you decide to do; I'm there for you & will continue to purchase on Paperthreads and checking your blog. :) Marilyn

my5bratz said...

nikki took the words outta my mouth...i too will miss coming over to check what beauties are available but will still pop by to see whats happening in the desert ;0)

CA-scrappin said...

Chris, I alway look forward to reading your blog. It has become a part of my morning routine- Coffe & Chris. It is a shame that one person can ruin things for everyone else. I too will support you in what ever you decide to do. I think a yahoo group would be a good way to control who has access.

pexage said...

Okay, I just set up my google account. Sorry for being anonymous this whole time. I just want to say I am glad to see you are in good spirits today. I will support you in whatever you decide to do. And if you do have to go some where else, please let me know so I can follow. I just love your work and know how hard you work and how generous you are to post your files here, but I completely understand if you have to change all that.
I love your work and will still keep purchasing them from paperthreads no matter what you decide!!

Rhonda said...

Hi Chris

I love your blog and although I sometimes forget to come to it everyday or don't have time to, I try to come here often. You seem like such a sweet and caring person. You give so much to us that are learning that it makes me mad to know that someone would violate you this way. Anyway if you do start a group, whether it be paid or free please let me know so that I can find you.

Rhonda S.