Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Email Password

If you have missed the email, please visit the group. I think I opened up the archived messages for now. Still the only person who can post there is myself so that there aren't alot of emails. So if you try to post and it doesnt work that is why. Again please remember I am on a learning curve. Thank you to everyone who has offered their help.


Susan said...

Hi Chris. I just joined your group and have a question. I wanted to e-mail it to you, but can't figure out how! Occasionally I sell cards and would like to know whether or not it's OK to use your die cuts on these cards. Most of my cards are rubber-stamped but once in a while I use die-cuts.

Jaime said...

I finally figured out how to save a file and I look forward to using your "Words of Happiness". :-)