Thursday, August 16, 2007

I AM SO SORRRRY .. geocaching mini album...

Okay for those ten people that applied to my group and got a denied notice.... MY BIGGEST APOLOGIES. Please join again. This is what I get for having my three year old sit on my lap and watch Diego while I work. He hit the button and it sent everyone to denial land instead of approve land... sososososososos Sorry. Please try again.

Okay so for those checking out the blog to see what the file will be today... This is the file. I am still working on the links, but wanted to give anyone a heads up that wants it or would rather not because it is such a specific file.I will add to this post when I get the links together.

more in a bit....

in a bit...

Okay I got the links up.. I am still feeling bad about those ten people... Please please sign up again. Also, now is the week to sign up. I think next week sometime will be our first trial run for the email passwords. And I have heard rumor you will have to pay etc.. You will not have to pay. I chose to go through yahoo to run the mailing list rather then constant contact so my downloaders and myself wouldn't be out any extra funds.

Okay so for the download. ... This is a Terms Restricted File. Which means it is for your very own personal use. No posting to groups. posting to email. posting to friends. Please do not share, or alter and claim as your own. By downloading you agree to this... This file is no longer available, but may be purchased at Paperthreads HERE.

Also, my friend Lori has some GeoCaching files for sale at paperthreads and their are samples on her blog. I didn't even know what this was 'til it was on her blog. Personally I love MAPS. love them. I will be an atlas just because it has maps. so for me the gps are frustrating maddening and annoying. I want to decide where I want to go and figure out how to get there by the back streets. In fact about a month ago I bought a pocket atlas and put it in the truck. It has all 50 states. when am I going to drive through all 50 states?? Someday. Someday when my hubby and I retire and can check out all of the rodeos of the countryside or horse ranchs... what a wonderful dream. Although I don't think my little itty bitty RV will make it that far!

On to life... wow it is busy right now. But that is a good thing. Slow gives me time to twiddle my thumbs and worry about what I will have to do next. I am working on a bunch of Halloween files still. They are going fast when it comes to downloads. So keep an eye out for them. I will have a chance to test cut them and get them all up in the next couple weeks. Thought I should get them out early instead of last minute like I did for the Father's Day Mini Album, but lots of people used it!! So that is fantastic. I loved seeing all the projects.

So for Halloween I kinda threw a challenge out there for the last file as to ideas other then cards to use them for... and I got this in my email box this morning from Nikki. I am not sure I even responded to her yet. They are awesome.... Here is what she wrote and a picture of the finished product... fantastic....

For months now, I've been downloading your wonderful files and feeling guilty because I'm yet to create anything good enough to put in the Paperthreads gallery or for posting on your blog. But, I loved your Halloween card file you shared yesterday and had a brainstorm when you challenged us to come up with something else other than cards to use the files for. It’s not a wonderful layout, but here is my idea. I cut elements of your file out of vinyl (love that stuff) and then stuck it on large flat pebbles (found in the floral dept. of craft stores) and glued a magnet on the pebble's back. I love Halloween, so for me Halloween magnets are a great addition to the decorating!!!

Really this is outside of the box. Thank you for sharing Nikki and thank you to everyone who has shared in the past!! Looking at all your layouts and ideas ...inspires me..

Also, I have been asked for another font in the word books. I am going to post this right to the store at Paperthreads, but wanted some input to some as a good font. I was told to look for something in between the groovy font I used and also the squared font I used. Does anyone have suggestions on a font that is thick letter, but a little more formal then groovy, but not to stiff. .. hows that for a description?? hahahaha.

And as for my quest on making luminaries. Well the KNK does cut through both layers of the bag and does it easily, but I am going to try putting a cut up mat in between the bag layers and just cut one side of the bag. When I get some finished products together I will post them here.

Sorry so late in the day... Have a wonderful evening!.


pw is newday


Pookeybear said...

I m so happy that this geocache file came up as Im going on holidays next week and was crossing my fingers to that my file that i requested didnt come up until I got home or if my mom was going to bring her laptop and that we had wireless internet along the way. Yahoooooooooooooooooooooo thanks for making my day

Rhonda said...

LOVE the geoccaching file! Thank you so much!!
If you prefer not to use the gps you might enjoy letter boxing more - no gps, more like a scavenger hunt. :)

September said...

Hi Chris,
I'm just back from Hawaii and snorkeling with the sea turtles, (honu), they were SO cool! I'm trying to make a GSD of them, that has the little squares on their backs, if you can make one, I'd be eternally grateful. :) Maybe someday?

Thanks for all you do!

ConnieP said...

WHEW! I was worried that I had done something to offend you! LOL! I was coming here to ask what I needed to do to get back on your "good side"!

No problem...I'll sign up again!

Thanks again for your great files!

Diane Million said...

hi Chriss, I have been watching for the place to sighn up for the joining to be able to download your files but I must have missed it--I really would love to join. my email is

Diane Million
aka: grandmastoy at paperthreads

Can you please let me know how to do this.. and I love the map file too cute--we travel a bit and it will be perfect!!

Audrey said...

A big THANK YOU for this on Chris! I almost fell off my chair when I saw it. My husband is big on geocaching and he has a few pictures of his finds. Now I can plan a layout of his adventures. I can't wait to show him the file.

Lorianny said...

Love this file! It is perfect for a little thank you gift I want to make for a friend who loaned me her GPS so I could try it out.

lorianny said...

I am having serious trouble joining your yahoo group - I can't even log into yahoo let alone make a request to join the group. I am a yahoo member but I keep getting sent back to the log in screen. If there is another way to join the group I would love to hear about it.

I'm so bummin' right now.

Amy said...

Thanks for not only the file (I LOVE geocaching!), but the idea for the magnets too! I might not use your Halloween files (well, ok, I might!), but it sure gave me a great idea for a bridal shower prize! :)