Thursday, August 30, 2007

New to the Store

So I am running behind in my to do list today. So I thought real quick I would share a few of the files that have made it to the store that are not on my blog or are old files from my blog that I finally got up to the store. I am trying to clean up my old files or the ones that are just hanging out completed, but not organized. Gotta get this laptop cleaned up.

I call these first two Jumbles. Because it just looks like a jumble to me, but will cut in one piece. I also made my happiness words into a jumble to.

The bottom numbers are for emphasis of a particular number. Just stretch it to the size you need it to be and lay it out on top the jumble. This is one of next months Sale Files. $2.49 Regular Price. Purchase HERE.

This set of letters is Times. So if you have Times on your computer which I think about 99.9% of people do you can add the letter you want to emphasize in a contrasting color or size. The long narrow setup can put along the bottom of a page. $2.49 Regular Price. This is one of next months Sale Files. Purchase HERE.

Purchase HERE.

Purchase HERE.


Rhonda said...

Love your jumbles Chris!!! I specially like the hapiness one. On my list of must haves!

Kathy said...

Chris, thank you for sharing your work like this. Even visually, even if not free-just to get a glimpse of what you have out there, for those of us with little time on our hands, is just awesome. Please continue to do this-so we who have only found you a short while ago can see the wonders you have created. You inspire me to scrap, every day.


kimble said...

Gosh, I wonder where the "jumble" idea came from? Hmmm... have to think real hard on this one. Looks an awful lot like some "mesh" files I know very well. I thought you were above this Chris, but I guess I was wrong. Taking the high road and all.... or NOT.

I'm sure this post will never see light of day on your blog, but you have read it and that is what matters most.