Wednesday, August 29, 2007


This is a Terms Restricted File. It is available for download following the guidelines set forth in my TOU which you received automatically when joining my yahoo group (on the left there is a button for it) This file is no longer available for download, but may be purchased HERE. Typing in the password is your digital acceptance to my terms of use. If you have received the passwords you have received the Terms. If you download the file then you agree.

Okay.... The file Scribbles. I needed a few funky pieces to add to a layout so I came up with these and thought I would share them with you. I hope you can use them, but I always seem to find a reason for some extra embellishment somewhere. Hope you can use them.
Important... If you have sent me a picture of something you have created with my file. I will be using it. So please remember this when sending them to me. I will give you credit Usually I just list the first name and First initial of the last name. If you want it a different way let me know in each mail with the pictures. Identity things and all on the internet. Most people know that I will be using them because you see them posted here. I have the opportunity to post them at the Paperthreads store also because the gallery is down. I cannot get over how awesome and wonderful these pics are!! I can sit and just stare at them all. So I wanted everyone to know that is what happens to the pictures you send and I SOOOOO appreciate you sending them. I use them for marketing so I can buy more software and keep offering better and better files. I have the best creative downloaders!! You guys are tops. If you have a picture to send of a project with one of my files, please do so. Getting them inspires me.
There was a request for the name of a font.... I never remember the names of fonts. when I create a file I switch the type to outline so it isn't even a font anymore, but is an image. so the name of the font isn't in the file any longer. I just can't retain all their names. I have thousands and thousands of fonts as I am sure some also have. (Please tell me I am not a crazy person with all of them) I open up a font viewer and type in the word I want to use and scan them looking for the right kind of letter angle and curl and if I like it. I don't usually look for a specific font by name. (some of the names make noooo sense to me) Sometimes I just open the font file, type out the word, create outlines and close the font file and go back to my program never to look at the font file again. So again my apologies. If I know it off hand I will try to tell you. I just am not so great with tracking those details.
Haven't seen the mountain lion. Have heard rumblings of dogs missing or being found gone. I would say the Mama lion is probably teaching her cubs to hunt. So we shall see what happens. Hopefully she will move on with her pack. It has definitely brought the parents together with school kids. Now instead of just gaggle of kids at the bus stop which is at the end of the road. you see a gaggle of parents to.
Horse Shoer was here yesterday.. .He has some of the best stories. Out of the 6 he only got 3 horses shod. 3 more on Thursday. I could just stand out there all day and listen and soak it up. Everyone who owns a horse has an opinion. I tell my friends who are new to horses... listen to them all. Choose the one that makes the most sense to you and go with it.
today is swim day. So I am headed out for a bit. Have to take the big truck and get hay for the horses. Should be fun going to get Hay they have parrots and cockatiels inside the feed store. So that means my little boy will want to go in and talk to them. They say Hi and cock their heads to look at him and he says Hi and then can't stop giggling. I usually take him out of there thrown over my shoulder giggling while I carry anything else I need. When he finally wakes up this morning, he will be happy to know we are taking the "big Truck" into town. Our beat up hay truck. I love to drive the truck, but would be thrilled to drive the truck if it had air. So in Tucson it is one hot hot hot drive! Well I better get this kid up and moving. I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Thanks for listening to my ramblings.
PS gone for the labor day weekend? Anyone have great plans? We are headed to the rodeo.


Rhonda said...

Oooh! Neat file :) Thanks!!

Sounds like a fun day at the feed store :D I loved things like that as a kid too.

Labor day weekend we are headed to the Renaissance Festival :) Can't wait!!!
(So of course Ren Faire type files are always welcome, lol).
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I heard several horse stories yesterday, too. The man who details my car is a Horse Trailer Detailer for the polo crowd and horse owners around here. He can talk your ears off - and go from one story to the next without taking a breath. Doing great work the whole time!

Love the files and I love hearing about your son and family.

Betsey in SC

PS - Does you son still like the 'CARS' characters? The Dollar Tree has plastic place mats with Lighting McQueen on them.

Susie McCormick said...


TammyB said...

Great file - I love stuff like this for cards. Thanks!

I also love to drive a truck. We just have an old '96 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD and the A/C is shot in it as well. I like sitting up higher than the other cars - LOL :)

Patty M said...

With living in Chicago, our big plans are swimming since we'll have to cover and close down our pool in a couple of weeks. We do have a heater so we can swim longer than more people, but when there's frost on the pumpkins it does get a might chilly.

Heather said...

Wow I hope mom decides to move on soon. How scary! Great file too.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Chris!
Love today's file - I can see all kinds of uses for the designs!! And don't feel funny about having all those fonts - I have a mess of them, too.
I made my daughter's name with a mat to glue onto her school notebook. When I finished putting on the notebook, I realized I had misspelled her name! How silly can you get? But I was unable to find the font I had originally used... and it was such a pretty file, too!
So I make her matted name again in another pretty script. The neighbor girl comes over and wants one, too! Do you think that 15 minutes later I can remember the font I used?

Anonymous said...

Chris, you are not crazy with the amount of fonts you have, i am addicted to fonts, thanks for the great files :)

Anonymous said...

What a great file! Thanks!

LD plans...helping daughter move into a new apartment in Boston, going to a grandnephew's first birthday party, working on lesson plans and hopefully...SCRAPBOOK!

Robin said...

Hi Chris. Cute file today, I sure it will come in handy. I love to listen to my farriers stories, I always learn something new. I sure do hope that mama lion takes her cubs and heads out of town. My sister is flying in from Florida tomorrow and staying till Tuesday, and we are planning a camping trip with a bluegrass concert, and then anything she wants to do. I've finally finished the housework so now I can relax and bake some. Have a great holiday. And I love to read your rambling.
PS. I to have alot of fonts, last count was abt 700.

Anonymous said...

What a great file! I love scribbles.

We're having a big Block Party on Labor Day. We always have so much fun. We have a great neighborhood!

Not too many wild animals here in Huntington Beach, CA. We see oposiums (sp) and an occasional racoon. There are coyotes once and a while. Our neighbor lost a cat a few years ago.

Have a great weekend!

Kitty in SoCal!

Tammey said...

Hey Chris! As always your files rock. I only download the ones I can use to be fair to all of your fans :) DH and I are heading to the Renaissance Festival in Minnesota for labor day weekend. Although I'm getting better at making my own files, we went to the festival last year too and I've had no luck creating anything. Nothing comes to me lol I know you love a challenge ;) your itsy bitsy spider file is still my favorite. LOVE your blog!!!