Thursday, August 30, 2007


I was nominated over at the Blogger's Choice. That makes me excited. If you have a chance and can vote for me it would be awesome. Thank you to Sue for nominating me. !! Woohooo!!!!!

Well a lobster was requested in my database. So here it is. These pieces all come apart. I just thought they were pleasing to the eye stacked liked this. I tried to come up with a cute saying for Maine and the three things that came up for Maine the most were the coast line. Hence the lighthouse.. The moose (is that Meese in plural?) and the lobster. so Here is Maine. This was kinda fun to put together.

These files are terms restricted, please do not download unless you agree to those terms. You are not allowed to share or alter and claim as your own.
This file is no longer available for download, but will be available at Paperthreads soon. The password was sent out to my group.

So I have a quick story to share.. and we know how quick my ramblings are (so Lori.. pull up a diet coke here) ...

I went to get hay with my son in the big truck and we get in and he has his terminator sunglasses on.. and he says. mom, call me super hero. So I say all right only if I get to be Super Mom.He thought this was pretty darn cool and said this is our Super Truck. So as he road shotgun in a truck with no air that I have a lighter plug in fan running and blowing on him. Because he hates the windows down because the "WIND IS TO LOUD MAMA".

I got to think about that Super Truck. When I met my hubby almost ten years ago this truck was my chariot. He came to pick me up in it for trips around town and around the state. He had it washed regularly and just listening to the diesel engine start up made him smile. I can remember how I loved to sit next to him (thank goodness it was a bench seat) and just drive around town lookin through the big window in life with the A/C blowing on me (yes it had AC then.).

So as I nostalgically (is that a word?? it works for now??) ran through these thoughts I heard... SUPER MOM> SUPER MOM.. I get pulled out of my daydreaming moment. My son says "It's HOT." I concurred. So on our trip through town to get hay because of course I like the hay from one place in town the best and will drive an hour to get there. (do other horse owners do that? I must be a hay snob) Anyways. we stopped at every circle K there was to get water and popsicles and the like.

I cannot imagine that those many years ago as I rode next to my then boyfriend that I thought I would be considered Super Mom as I drove this big ol truck of my husbands through town, sucking on a popsicle and chatting with my son about the finer points of dripping on your clothes and not on Daddy's truck. Gotta tell ya.. life is good.

Well have a great day and most of all...

aka Super Mom

PS.. My last sale was on my birthday in June .. I think correct me if I am wrong... so On Monday of Labor Day Weekend all my files will be 30% off. I have offered coupons here and there, but this way you can just shop and shop and not worry about codes. It's all day Monday. So do your search.. write down your numbers and be ready to go. Hopefully supplies won't run out .. (tease)... oh and I am pretty sure my friend Lori is joining me in the sale, but don't tell her I outed it before her. That is why I am posting it here in the fine print of my post at the very end. hahaha. Love ya Lori!! And I hope she is joining me. Or Woops I will be wrong. Maybe I better hush up.. lets see what she says on her
blog today... Shhh!!!


Cindy said...

Another great file Chris.
Yup, my guys a diesel truck man too. Gotta love'em.
Have a great weekend.


BelovedKeepsakes said...

Man - you beat me to the punch yet again!!! Bahahahaha