Friday, August 17, 2007

Boo Ghost for Halloween

So another Halloween file. I am thinking everyone should be set for Halloween this year as I am working on these. Any particulars you'd like, let me know. I have a feeling my son will want to be Diego. He already has decided to wear a brown vest every day like Diego wears. And keeps calling me Alicia (Diego's sister). Oh and talking to his wrist. Originally he was talking to his wrist because he watched star wars with his Dad. Now his Lightning McQueen watch has become his "video Phone" to talk to Alicia (just like the cartoon). I do however love his imagination!

Okay so on for the download. This is a terms restricted file. please do not alter share or claim as your own. This file is no longer available, but is available at Paperthreads Here.
Great plans for the weekend?? I am hanging out with the family, but not alot of set plans. Hope to get into the craft room some. Gotta finish picking it up so I can take pictures to post. I did buy the magnetized tool bar to put my scissors, exacto knife on etc. It works awesome. I bought a lazy susan last weekend at IKEA, not sure what I plan to use it for, but envisioned some trays on it screwed to it maybe with different supplies in it. But havent fine tuned that idea. Well hopefully this weekend I will get to cut some more paper bags in my luminaria making adventure. We shall see.


ps is newday


chumly said...

My favorite holiday, I like the booo card thing.

Liz said...

My Son was diego last year and had such a blast. It took him a week before he would take the costume off. thanks for the file


Jaime said...

I have finally gotten my KNK and was wondering how I go about getting passwords for your files? I haven't read all your posts, so maybe it's in there somewhere?... Thanks so much for the adorable files!


Anonymous said...

Chris I am so pleased that I got to join your group - I keep a separate sub-folder in my GSD folder just for YOU!! I love the halloween files - the UK has picked up on Trick or Treat (although not in the all encompassing way that the USA does it!!) and I hope to use the files for cards, and stuff like that. You are a generous soul, so thank you again for all you share with us.