Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Topic of Inspiration...

Looking for a few new topics for inspiration. All the requests on the Yahoo Groups seem to be filled. Post your comment here as to what you would like for a file and I will see what I can do. Thanks for your help. Enjoy!


Elizabeth said...

Hi Chris, Love your designs! I have been looking for some related to video games. My boys love their nintendo DS and their xbox 360 so maybe a controller or something like that. Or a video gamer title. Thanks for listening!

Beloved K said...

How about water related stuff -

Water Ski's
lawn chairs

With Summer coming up things like that would be awesome!!

Nikki A said...

It's T-ball season here and with three kids I would love to see more ball stuff. Also, we do a lot of camping and fishing this time of year. I have not been able to find a lot of fishing files. Love your stuff. I have cut a few things that I bought of yours and I really do love your work.

Renee in OH said...

Maybe some vacation type items? I don't know if you can do a "generic" Disney file (not sure about copywrites) or maybe some other generic vacation ones with summer coming up. The water related ideas are good too - even just one with swimming or pool fun. Love the idea about video games and tball too - really any sport.

I am always open for more taekwondo/martial arts items. I downloaded the one that was shared on paperthreads and also purchased some weapons from paperthreads but would love more as I have three boys in the martial arts - two of which are blackbelts.

Thanks so much for all you do - you are incredibly talented and very generous to share that here! Thank you!!

Suzy said...

How about camping? (ie, Yosemite..)

I love the racing, I am supposed to be doing a NASCAR book.. I just stumbled across your blog and I love it.


Anonymous said...

Another softball (they are scarce)

A League of Our Own

My kids are also swimmers:
Star Swimmer
A Splashing Good Time
Dive Right In

These are just ideas...Thanks so much!! I'll be looking on paperthreads for your old ones and the ones I miss too.


Aggiegirl said...

bike riding?
i am new to the site, and my son just learned how to ride without his training wheels. :)

strawberry patch.....
we will also be visiting the strawberry patch soon.

:) thanks for sharing!

Rhonda said...

Hi Chris! You're files are amazing!
Let's see - ideas...
More nursery rhymes like the itsy bitsy spider
bears, state park - things to do with gatlinburg, Tn
lawn mower, yard work
priates are always good (specialy with the new movie coming out).

Isabelle said...

Thanks Chris for the great work you share with us. With spring coming, I would love having a great tulip file(an individual one if possible). Maybe a basket filled with flowers?
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Great designs! Thanks!. I would like to suggest something for a pet (dog) memorial. Lost my best friend of 19 years recently. Also something for a baby christening.

Rhonda said...

Thought of a few more :D
Family outings
family game night
card games
board games
building blocks
stuffed animals/teddy bears
anything baby

Kristen said...

Hey Chris...thanks for sharing your wonderful work!! My son just started his first season of soccer, so I'd love some soccer files and titles.

Jamie said...


Your designs are wonderful--thank you so much for sharing them with us.

My daughter is in the Color Guard for band--would love to see some band files--particularly flags.


Tammey said...

I just love your files! You always seem to know what I'm looking for :)
I'm working on Tonka Trucks, Trains, Mountains, Fishing, Building blocks, vacation, Yellowstone, Bears, Bison, Moose, cowboy, tea party, dolly, and Easter. Whew... does that help? ;)
Tammey - North Dakota

Christine said...

Your files are so amazing. Thank you so much.
I have a few ideas/requests. I have been searching for roulette or a slot machine and would love one.
How about a cute leprechaun?
Soccer files would also be great!
Chris in NH

Anonymous said...

I would love to see files for Monster Trucks. I have pictures from Monster Jam. Thanks

I love all of your files and the fact you share them with us here for free. :)

Nikki said...

I love your files--I'm brand new to the Wishblading thing and I'm still learning a lot. I like your files because I can actually get a "result" with my wishblade. I feel silly asking, but have you (or could you)created any files with "stick" people. The ones I'm thinking of I've seen on the back of cars (cut from vinyl) with a mom and dad and kids (in various heights)--have you seen them too?! Thanks