Sunday, March 18, 2007

At the Track, Flag, Star Backrgound

Another racing file... DOWNLOADING of this file means you agree with the following terms. This file is for personal use only! This file is not for sharing, but for your own personal use. Please do not alter or change the file or claim ownership of the file as your own.
Now that that is over. Seems I have to remind everyone a little bit, because my files are showing up in different places.
This file is no longer available for download, but is available at Paperthread for sale H


Deb C. said...

You files are beautiful. Can't imagine claiming them as I have minimal, at best, artistic talent but do appreciate yours. I really enjoy all your wonderful files you freely share. Deb C.

Cecelia said...

I found your site a few days ago. What a treasure! I try to visit every day!
TFS, Cecilia

Helena said...

Another great file. Maybe I will get hubby's Nascar pages done now. Thanks!

Cindyann said...

Wow, Chris! I'm so thrilled to have all the racing files - thanks. Mike "tracks" his car (high speed on road courses), and I have tons of pictures. I know that you have horses... he drives a Mustang! LOL
Hope your son is recovering quickly.

Kristen said...

Best wishes for your son! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful files. You are so talented. And yes...that would make a great BOYS cutter file! LOL!

Aubien said...

I love your files, Chris. When I grow up with my CR I want to make files like this too! Best wishes for your son. I think all of us with boys are on first name basis with the ERs! Thank you for sharing.