Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Name Book

I posted this on the forum at Paperthreads in their new gallery. Don't forget to check it out. I made this for my friend Raquel and she seemed to like it. Thought I would share it here. The possibilities are never ending when it comes to the cutter. I got this idea off the UK scrapbookers website and knew it was perfect right away for a birthday gift. Her name is spelled out on the right hand side of the book in large puffy letters.



Anonymous said...

I have shown this to many of my other friends because i love it soo much and everyone has liked it just as much! thank you again! its one of the best gift ive ever received.

b.mort said...

This is awesome! I've heard about these but yours is the first I've seen! FAB!!

Anonymous said...

Chris, this is a great idea. Just discovered them this morning on a website and want to try it. You give me inspiration!
Love your stuff. I think I'll make a name book for my niece who is graduating...if I get one done, I'll send it to you.
Jayne in Arkansas

Anonymous said...

Chris, how did you open the tutorial from the UK Scappers site? It's all gibberish when I try to open it.
I'm really excited to try it, but need the tutorial!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris ~ Now that you've posted the files I better understand how the book works....feel like such a dummy...ughh!!

This is so darling, and I'm going to use the idea to make Name books for each of my 6-year old daughter's classmates for a Mother's Day gift this year...I take tons of pictures of her & her friends and this is just going to be the "cat's meow"!

Can't wait to hear the feedback...what a precious, precious gift it will be!

I love your work and truly appreciate your generosity in sharing files.

What a blessing you are!

Kindest regards,
aka Mommy to Faith