Monday, March 19, 2007


Okay So I think this is my last freebie of the racing files. I am going to post the others I have directly to Paperthreads. This is a simple helmet. Nothing fancy. Two pieces overlayered. the bottom one is a solid helmet shape. the top has the red cut out. This way we can get on to another topic of files.This link is no longer available, but may be purchased HERE! This is for personal use only. Please do not alter share or claim as your own. Downloading these files is an acceptance of these terms of use. The Password is the same as the last racing file.


PS My son is doing better. Hanging out and driving me bonkers as I try to get this file uploaded. Anything he can do to distract me to focus on what he is doing. This is why the file is simple tonight. No time to make a clever verbage. Hope it is useful.

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