Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pit Crew, Flag, Tire, Words & Mat

Lots of Requests on the Groups for Racing Files. So I did a few. This file is no longer available for download, but will be available for purchase at soon. For Personal Use only. PW is the same as the last time. Please do not alter, change or claim files as your own.

Also, you will notice a sample of cutlines on the pictures. I got a few emails that people asked me to post the cutlines so they could see better how the file could be used. I think this is what they were asking about. I don't know if it will help or how long I will include it, but thought I would give a try and see what the response was. The mat in this file works if you layout all the pieces like I have here, but of course you can lay it out however your project needs.

After a long week of work, my hubby, my son and I are headed to the farmer's market and to get hay for the horses. I look forward to the family drive. My son has had an allergic reaction to penicillin and is covered in hives. He seems to be in good spirits, but it is mostly just happy to hang out with Dad. It is cute. He asked me to buy doughnuts for breakfast to have with Dad. he is almost 3 and in charge of his world. So he thinks. Well off I go. Have a wonderful Saturday.



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Debbie said...

Thank you Chris, great file! And hope your ds is soon feeling better!