Friday, September 2, 2011

Newsletter out and a new freebie

Our September newsletter went out today. You can visit it here. The biggest thing with this newsletter is we have moved our freebies to download from the forum. In an effort to make it easier on our members of the forum. You can visit the forum with the password posted in the newsletter and download. You have to login and get the download in our files section. There is no cost. Just a visit.


Hope you enjoy the freebie as I am working on a set of these files.  The next one will soon to post.


It’s Labor Day Weekend!! You know what happens in my family on Labor Day Weekend. Birthdays Birthdays. Of my Mom’s 5 grandchildren, 3 of them have birthdays this weekend! And my twin cousins also have a birthday this weekend. So it will be lots of fun and family time. Also, this evening I hope to get out and kick up my boots and do a little dancing. We have been busy busy and so this will be a nice little quiet time with my hubby. I am so looking forward to it.


It’s Friday and I am busy putting out all the little fires that could come up over the weekend. I am on my way to get those done and find a cute outfit to wear.


Have a wonderful day!  And safe and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend!




PS If you don’t want to miss any of this set, I will also be posting updates on my facebook fan page. HERE



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