Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome to Sam & Hailey Designs

Have you seen this lady above this morning? Her name is Jan and she is with Tim Holtz. How fun! Well Jan is also the creative force behind Sam & Hailey Designs. If you haven't seen this picture yet, then you have missed her very creative blog with color swatches, cut files, trends. The link is here.

Other place you can see here is..... wait for it.... wait for it.... At VDBC!!! Wooohoo! Jan has joined the "More" team. I have known Jan for some time and Jan is also a "neighbor" She lives a few miles away and I get to see her on some Saturday mornings super early over fruits and veggies! Yeah. I am so happy to have her join the site. I think her style of files is beautiful, creative and absolutely innovative. Her "Nerdy" background  helps her to build some really smooth and useful files. (she calls it "Nerdy" not me! I love it. )

Take a peak at her files in the store.... and also don't forget to add a few to your wishlist. I will see if we can talk her into a few wishlist give aways in the future!! I know some of her files are on my wishlist. You can visit her store HERE.

How wonderful!! I am so excited to see her files hitting the store. Also, look for a special newsletter challenge in the October 1st newsletter. Coming out shortly make sure to join on the front page of the store so you get your copy!!!  And Jan is here just in time to celebrate our Anniversary Party with us! How exciting is that. Well it is for me! I am surrounded by a phenomenal group of creators.

Welcome Jan!
The QMC update. I hope to load the QMC in the store this weekend some time. I have been working on files to upload as well my files for the October Grab bag! So it is a coming. I will post here, in the newsletter and on my yahoo group! So you won't miss it. Have a wonderful day!
Thanks for joining me in another beautiful day!

PS for Facebook fans. I have orange glitter finally and have started on my project! Thanks for everyones help!

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My files in the store can be located here. Thank you for stopping by!

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