Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chalkboard Paint Wine Glasses

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Trying something new...

I have seen these glasses all around the net. They make me think of our family Thanksgiving and the never ending question. Is this your glass? Is this your glass? I am not sure where I left my glass? Is this it? My hubby is connossiuer of wine. One of his many wonderful traits. love it. I, myself, am not really a wine partaker. however, I have been to a few wine tastings it blows my mind when the food changes the flavor of the wine. But for the most part I am not a partaker.  So I grabbed some chalk board paint and had a box of extra wine glasses in the storage from a gift. So I grabbed them, taped them off and spray painted. I went and bought some chalk and done. So super easy and if I added a ribbon to each just in a bow they would be a great and easy addition to our Thanksgiving party. Just need chalk to get your name on your glass and not have to remember which Wine glass ring was yours or did you switch from red to white because someone mentioned how red your teeth/lips were. haha. 

Oh and do you like the Spider Goblets? my hubby got them for decoration. I used them as a prop. My friend Heidi is probably rolling her eyes about now. haha. But a white poster board pretend light box and I needed something to spice it up. (I am in Halloween and Fall mode working on some grab bage files. woohoo)
As usual I found this idea on the web and I started with where I found it and went from post to post to post bouncing and bouncing to find an original and couldn't so I was inspired and here is my take on them. Thank you out there to the inspirational people out there.

And I think I am addicted to Chalkboard Paint!!! I have been spraying surfaces oh sooooo fun!! So I am sure there will be more ideas to come.

Have a Wonderful and Happy Thursday!

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Jen Adkins said...

Chris, cute project! You should check out the doosie with chalk paint here: