Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We have a new designer... Welcome....

I want to say welcome!!!


Welcome to Ileana of I Scrap Designs. I was thrilled to hear from Ileana that she wanted to join the “More” team. I have known Ileana for some time and I think she has phenomenal style and her files cut just beautifully. Just the perfect candidate I would hope for for the VDBC “More” Team.   This makes her a perfect addition to our store. Ileana is jumping right in and we are so happy to have her join us.


Some of things she is jumping in to right away. Ileana is preparing to offer a freebie file, a challenge, signed up for grab bags and more. Lots going on here. She has lots of files already loaded to the store!


First, here is her Blog address. … I know many have it bookmarked, but if you don’t it is a great one to add to your file bookmarks.

 Ileana’s files sell here . And don’t forget to add her to your facebook read list. I have a feeling this lady is going to keep us busy and here is a good indicator of this below. (and we always want to friend those facebook pages just before the October Anniversary Party! Woohoo)


Here is the info for her Challenge which starts on the 16th. (The day the newsletter goes out a file will be included. ) And yes I am leaking some info here I am sure, but I just am so excited I wanted to get it out there. So don’t forget to grab the freebie and participate and then you …. Sorry just read below. Yeah! The more participants the more we want to jump in and keep offerings challenges and freebies. Our goal at VDBC is always to get your cutting and not just collecting.


Newsletter Make and Take Challenge by IScrapDesigns

(9/16/2011 – 9/30/2011)

In the September 16, 2011 VDBC Newsletter, there will be a Big Frilly Corner freebie.

Your challenge is to make something with the Big Frilly Corner and post a picture of your project in the gallery.  Then come back to this thread and post a link to your picture.

Once you have done that, I’ll update this thread to mark your project as completed and then I’ll send you a private message with a link to the Big Leafy Corner.

This challenge ends on September 30, 2011.  At that point, all the participants will be entered into a random drawing for another free file of the winner’s choice from the I Scrap Designs store here at VDBC.


Yeah and Welcome Ileana!!!



On to life…

Do we all know yet that I have an amazing son? I am more and more aware of this every day. And Yes I am bragging. We all know this and I am biased. Yesterday when I picked him up from school he said. I need to speak with the Principal. I thought okay. (My hubby had warned me) He promptly walked into the office and said “May I please see Mr. G?” the lady said. “Well honey he isn’t here is there anything I can do”. My son went on with how we need to have a student run newspaper and he wants to be hired and he just needs to get a camera and he can write very well and his Mom will check the spelling. As she reads all the time. and when can he start. The lady at the front was just a little flustered because she was trying not to giggle.  Everyone in the office was smiling. This was not my kiddos first walk into the office with his latest ramble. He gets this from Mom I am sure. Anyways. She explained that there is a newspaper club and for 3rd grade he can join. So next year. I said great. He said thank you very much. We walked out…. And he said “that is just ridiculous. Everything is 3rd grade. I am ready now. I will be over it by 3rd grade. Ridiculous.”  And so he has decided to just write for the paper his Dad writes a column for. haha. Love my kid. He enlightens me and regularly reminds me to do stuff now and not wait for some day! Someday, you never know, you might be over it.


And here is a big hint for you… Make sure you are registered at the form (brown button at top)… I am working on a freebie and Ileana has one coming out in the newsletter. These two  freebies will be  downloaded from the special spot in the forum! Yeah. Enjoy!


Have a wonderful day!



PS thank you to those who continue to pray for my family members. My Cousin’s son, Adam, who is in Second Grade and dealing with Bacterial Meningitis the week before he was supposed to end Chemo for Brain Cancer. And also my husband’s cousin, Maire, who is having Brain Surgery on this coming Tuesday. She has two beautiful children and family who need our prayers.  I believe in the power of prayer and I thank all of you who do as well for adding them to your prayer list.


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