Monday, September 12, 2011

Wet Monday Morning! Yeah!

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Pretty proud of my son this past week. We talked about a birthday party he wanted to attend. We know this little girl loves horses and her favorite color is pink. We didn't know what kind of toys she has already. So my son said he would really like to make her a magnet board. (Yeah. My addiction lately. So Saturday Morning we hit Wally World for this white square magnet/wipe board.) and on Sunday morning we cut the letters and the horses out and put everything together. My son glued all the letters and I put the vinyl on the board. He attached the magnets to the back of the letters. Which was some magi-card blanks that I picked up somewhere along the way in life.  The red tag we used on the package when wrapped and my son signed the back of it. He had a great time at the party and was glad he went. Reilly is one of the little girls that came to his birthday. So he thought it was important to attend hers. He was really happy she liked it. And his crafting Mom was super happy that he wanted to make something to give. All in all lots of fun!

Well It's a Monday and what a great way to start the week! With Rain!! Most would think I am crazy, but living in the desert I love rain. I pray for it and when it happens you might see me out running around in it just to get wet and laugh. It is even better when my son is with me and the hubby is looking on at us and smiling. If there is no lightening, Dancing in the rain is the best!!! Of course by mid afternoon it will probably be over 100 and hot and muggy. I am hoping for cloudiness all day, but I can already see where the sun is trying to poke through and heat it all up. Warmed up wet horse stalls. Oh yucko. but for now I will just enjoy the pitter patter and a very wet border collie who wants me to come out and play in the rain. haha. So off I go. Have a wonderful day!
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