Monday, September 26, 2011

Where did you find them?

Sharing Facebook… I thought some of you might find this humorous. So reposting here on my blog.
Okay so yesterday I was in the studio and I posted on facebook….
My hubby is riding horse. I am in the studio lost in daze as I watch him out the window. I am so blessed with a handsome hubby. On a side note my son is going through all my drawers in the craft room to find something to do this break. he has found my fireworks, glow sticks, paint, glitter, chalkboard paint. oh man the list goes on! Right now he is running around with rubber gloves on? I don't know? just because? Apparently I will need to replace them next time I glue. I have a feeling I won't be getting them back. I hate glue on my hands.

Here is my followup today…

I never got the gloves back. I asked where they were.. his reply with a serious are you kidding me look was... "Mom you have a whole box. you can't just share one pair". ahhh.. okay. my response... "Where did you find them". I have been using the same pair for forever!


Yep I have my kiddo home with me for fall break. So I have pulled out the Holiday ornaments for him to make that I purchased on clearance last year. These are mostly stick on sticker, but I think it is important for him to not just “get” for Christmas but also give. So that is one project to keep his little hands busy. While thinking about what I could do to keep him busy for 2 of the 3 weeks (He has horse camp the last week. ) We made a to-do list  and it was promptly put on the fridge. I will take a picture it and post it. As he was  making his list, I said… Add Clean my bookshelf. It’s on the list but I got an eye roll. So hopefully we will get lots of fun pictures as well during these two weeks and lots accomplished. So if I am slow to respond til mornings. You will know why.  Because we are working on the “to-do” list in the afternoons.

And Orange Glitter. I am trying to find orange glitter. I stopped at a few places this weekend and none to be found. Orange glitter in October? Really? Hard to find? What? So tomorrow I hope to pick some up in my errands.

If you are wondering, yes there will be another QMC by Chris. Thank you to Lori for jumping in for me. I am working on files for it as we speak. I am focusing on files for gifts and cards. So I hope you come back and jump in when I load it to the store.

Have a wonderful day!




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