Friday, September 30, 2011

Down the WoodFairy's Path

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 I have an Aunt whose nickname is the Woodfairy. She spins these light and airy tales of magic and happiness. Reading them just makes me smile. It lightens my mood. I have even copied one or two in my "read it again folder" on my computer. Recently, she posted a where was she in life post. Was this what she had done in life comment. That self review type thing. I told her I thought she should capture these woodfairy posts and put them in a children's book, if only for her grandchidren and their future children.  Then a few days later she posted a picture and I played with it. and put my own spin on it. I do believe I could hear her happiness from her mountain to my home in Arizona. She loved the photo. I hope one day she captures her whimsy or lets someone capture it for her to save and collect and cherish. So that is the thought behind these two pictures. And if you are reading this Aunt Elise. I love you and your happy posts  .... my heart beam.
The WoodFairy's Niece.

 My Aunt's Photo of her way to the home on the mountain... ...

Now Close Your Eyes.... and scroll down with your finger

And Open... Don't you see it!

I love to see people smile. Have a wonderful day!

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Lori m said...

Chris, I just love your spin on your Aunt's photo, how awesome to have an Aunt like that.

I had a dear friend that wrote a short column for her local newspaper. She'd send me a copy and I read it daily with my coffee.

She's missed so much, love your blog shares and photos, especially when the snow starts falling here.

Hugs, Lori m