Friday, September 9, 2011

Roadway Monogram magnet Board

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Labor Day Weekend was super busy for us. We have lots of birthdays in my family and my Handsome Hubbies. I made this gift for my 4 year old Nephew. It is a magnet wipe board that I added vinyl to. The cars were little party favors that I added magnets to that my hubby had in his tool room (Thanks Hubby).

I used gorilla glue to adhere the magnets to the cars. I saw a picture frame with cars on a letter similar to this, but I knew there was no way my nephew would look at a picture frame of a car. And because I am enjoying decorating magnet wipe boards .. well the idea was born. My brother was thrilled that his 4 year old son has a wipe board for his goals. haha. I had to laugh. My goals as mother of a 7 year old is teeth brushed, clothes on straight and right side out, and a happy smile as the kiddo walks out the door. As my Brother mentioned goals his son R pulled out the pen and traced the R. hehe. Here he is playing with it while Mom waits with another gift for him to open. Was fun.

Here is the little party favor car with the magnet on the bottom. These were some heavy duty magnets. I am gonna be on the lookout for more. and they were the perfect height so the tires didn't scrape.

And here is Mom and son after the party started to wind down. Waterslide fun! We had so much fun hanging with family and visiting. It was a good time.

I am working on the rest of this Alpha for other Roadway Monogram Magnet Boards. I already have a few little ones  I can create the same style for. and I have a few more cars I could magnetize. My mind is swirling with ideas for the holidays.

And my review of Gorilla Glue! I love it. I found it super easy to use and quick to adhere. Perfect because my son was paitently anxiously waiting for it to dry so he could test the cars out. fun fun.


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