Friday, September 16, 2011

A bowl of beauty...

Recently, I attended an estate sale and this little bowl just called out to me. It says it's hand painted and has a signature.  I just think it is beautiful. Looking at it makes me smile. In my world, a whole set of mismatched plates that are beautiful would make me happy.  I know this also would spin untold chaos into my Handsome Hubby's world. So I tend to hold back. He likes his matching balanced sets. I am always moving things here or there. Repurposing containers etc.  My hubby has to live with enough chaos with me that I do my best to keep it contained.   And he manages with it awesome. He even bought me this little bowl when he saw me oggling it.

I have been hitting the thrift stores in search of a set of candle stick holders. The ones that hold a single candle maybe at the dining room table. I haven't found them yet, but I do have the other pieces for my project. So soon I will find them. Recently, I mentioned the project to a person at a party and the idea of just going to walmart was thrown out there. I had to giggle. I am on the hunt for them now and when I find them and I finish the project it will be like the finishing of that hand painted bowl. I can just imagine finishing so much detail and then turning it over and giving it a final look. The bowl sits on my counter in need of a purpose of which I will find one. It is so pretty for now I will just stare it and soak it up.

A few things... I am ready to come back from a hiatus on the qmc and have some files gettin prepped. So if you want to still grab Lori's fantastic files, it is down to the wire. So zip over to the store and join. She really packed some great files in for only $10. Wowser.

Next the newsletter went out. You can find the link on my facebook page and there is a file offering from Ileana. Woohoo. and then she has a challenge to get another file in the forum. Woohoo.

And now I am off to get my kiddo and give him lots of hugs. Have a wonderful weekend! Be safe and Enjoy!

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