Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coaster Album and Easy Cheap Lightbox

THE QMC 2nd quarter 2009 files. please do so.

A little show and tell today. I made this coaster album for a friend of mine. I asked her to grab some coasters when she went out to eat and she keeps giving them to me everytime I see her. SWEET!! So I made her a coaster album. There is room for more pages. I punched the hole with my new big bite cropadile and first time I officially used Stickles. Wow. Just wow. Okay and Wow. love it.

Many ask me what I do for pictures. I used to take them on the kitchen table. Then I looked into lightboxes and I have a few issues. I don't want to give up anymore space in my craft room for a light box. I didn't like some of the sizes for the lightboxes and I am a cheapo. So I came up with this. I purchased a white project board. Those ones that have two sides stand up on their own and can be used for science fairs. I cut the side and creased the back. So when I want to take it out. It takes me just a few seconds to fold it and put little paperclips overlapping the edges so it stays in place and I already had the lights under my cupboards. So I talked to my Aunt In Law and she showed me the settings on my little digi camera to change the white balance. I must confess I never really went past the point and click. There are a lot of buttons that thing.

So that is my easy peasy cheapo lightbox and when it gets dirty I will just buy a new board. It isn't the high tech photography photos but it met most of my needs and requirements. I have been told by a friend I should get a small light to point up from the front of it. but I am okay with the results for now.
Have a wonderful day!

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