Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where's my balance?

Yesterday afternoon we finally hit the Skate Country after many missed Tuesday afternoons with friends. Can I say I tried the skates. I made one lap and a few up and down the carpeted side. I had to wonder as I stood confidently on the wheels why it was that I lost my balance when I tried to move. I watched another lady scoot by dragging one kid and then skated by me later skating backwards so she could face a child as they learned to skate. So I continued to wonder as I jerked back and forth like a big headed bobble head doll. … What happened to my balance? Well next time we go I think I will try again and see how it goes. My son zoomed by yelling…. MOM we’ll buy you skates so you can practice at the HOUSSSSEEE!!.. Either he was trying to be helpful or he didn’t want to be caught holding my hand as I attempted one lap. One lap my hubby said. Just one! So I can do one lap. I held onto his hand. It wasn’t one of those moments where you hear some music and feel so fluid as I normally do when he and I go dancing. No this was purely a weak attempt at staying up on 8 wheels and not knocking my hubby over or running over another child. Maybe there was some music that totally played to ones sense of skating around the rink with my handsome roller-stud. I didn’t hear it over the rattat of my heart beating in my ears. Maybe if they had played some jerky beated music I would have looked a little better, but alas. I made the lap and hope to do two next time around. I am leary that skates might be wrapped in birthday wrapping in a few weeks. Hmmm…  Either way it was wonderful to get out and enjoy the afternoon of summer break with some friends, my son and hubby. As we departed from the skate session… the announcer says… if you’d like to stay for the next 70-80’s skate you just have to pay at the door. I look up at my hubby and his face is pure disbelief… “they have an 80’s skate? How come we didn’t come for that” ahhh it appears I will be skating my two laps to staying alive with a disco ball next time around.. hahah. My visions of a romantic skate are now filled with the beegees.. ahhh.. ahhh. Ahhh staying aliiiiiiiiveeeeee!!! Haha.


Have a wonderful day everyone!





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