Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stars, Stripes & Magic... yeah!

Well June has hit and there is a grab bag… and as usual style for the More Team. We are offering an extra bonus file for the first week in store.


Our grab bags are exclusive as a collection to the VDBC store and also only for the month of June.

This theme came up because we were thinking about July and all the stars & stripes celebration, but we thought why not throw in a little “magic” . Fireworks truly are filled with magic for me. Especially now when I see my kiddo watch them and ooooh and ahhh…


Here is a sneak peak of some of the files included.  If you would like to read more… Here is the link to the store.


Here is our review from the forum from our grab bag winner for June…

BarracudaSue says…


“Chris sent me the link and let me tell you...HOLY COW are these ever incredible! THANK YOU, Ginger for picking me to get this...thank you, Chris for the download and the super, super files and thank you Lori and DigiKitty for all your super files, too! MAN is this one ever a GOTTA HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't have YOURS yet, get over to the Store and get it. Especially NOW that there is a fabulous bonus file for being an early bird! WOW, these are super fantastic!!!!! THANKS!!!!! I better quit before I give anything away.... ROFLOL”


Now can we say. Wooohoo!! That is one heck of a review. And our forum members and supporters. Just ROCK!


Grab yours as quick as you can before the 15th when the reveal happens.


Here is the link to the store.







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