Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Climbing trees and audio update.

This is a picture of my kiddo climbing a tree at a friends. Our trees in our yard are very spindly. This tree is huge. Would probably take about 2 long armed adults to wrap their arms around the base of it. We took him to a friends to BBQ. To see their new super cute patio. So So nice!! And the kiddo was surrounded by adults so climbing the tree kept him busy for a bit. He LOVES to go there and the “grandma” was visiting from Venezuela and she loves him. He was super respectful and said “Gracias”  and smiled, nodded and even hugged her when appropriate. She was beaming as was our friends wife. My kiddo just loves there house. He gets to play with dogs, climb trees, hang out with the adults and be waited upon. Couldn’t be worse I don’t think. Haha.


So I am playing with my new microphone headset. It is super clear. I have been working with a few online so needed one. I look like a time life operator with it on. My kiddo says “it is the coolest”. He had to try it on, but took it off before a picture could be taken.  

So here is my audio update! CLICK HERE.  It’s a WMA file.


I know I am weird, but it is so fun to try new things.



New things… well we are just trying tons of new recipes here. We are working on accumulating them with pictures and little stories about our cooking adventures. Hopefully it will be a super neat cookbook for the family.


Also, new things, rumor is the e-craft is coming out soon. Should be shipping and all that and ahhh. Well. I am nervous to put my money down til I know that folks are getting them, but I haven’t had a new machine in about a year. So I think I am ready for another. Haha. Just new things… right?? Gotta try them!  And an old thing which I don’t have anymore, but the ladies on the “more” team have been chatting about… a pen tablet. Hmm.. I am considering one of these again. I loved it when I had it before. Oh I just love the gadgets.


Have a wonderful day!!!!!!







Over 6 years creating cutter files…. I am still in love with my machines and giddy at a happy cut!!!



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