Monday, June 14, 2010

ahhh.. livin' the life

So lots on the mind today. However, not one solid thought. I have my hands workin’ on a lot of things and I just noticed a June 22nd date for  a new release of a Janet Evanovich book Sizzling Sixteen. I love Grandma Mazur and Stephanie Plum. I read these books from start to finish. And if it is at night sitting on the couch with the light on late at night giggling as I go. Just love them.


Another thing I have been waiting for happened this week also… El Charro CafĂ© opens. Woohoo! Close to me. I don’t live in the neighborhood of many restaurants and the choices are thin, but this makes me sooo o happy. And just in time for my birthday.


Also, I have been working on putting together the newsletter.


And working on more files for the QMC. This one is gonna run up to the End of June and I will leave it open as usual for a few extra weeks to get all downloaded. I have a lot in the works. Just hard to get them completed with the little one home from school.


And the little one… he is on a roll! Recently changed my wii character. So when I stood on it to a wii fit step aerobics class. I got this warning from the wii game to not hold anything while I was being weighed and it freaked out that I had gained about 100 lbs since my last weigh in. Welll Helllo!! My skinny minny kiddo ran the weight test last time. So when it added the weight he got to watch my mii balloon up on the tv. Which he thought was HILLARIOUS! I told my hubby about it and he laughed sooooo hard.  I was like thanks guys. Thanks so much.


So in the thick of planning Father’s Day and thinking I shoulda mailed my Dad’s card earlier. I am always so late. I am just not good with remembering birth days and sending things on time. Ahh tis life.


My kiddo had his first detectives class today. He was very cute. He keeps asking questions that are slightly more specific then the last. He says “I AM Detecting Mom!” to cute!


Well I am off… Just wanted to say Hi! I am a live and workin’ away on items for everyone.


Have a wonderful day!


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